Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro Review & Unboxing


What is going on, guys? It is Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball, and today, the crew is back from the World Cup. We brought back a nice little goody with us, the CS2 Pro edition, all brand-new, I'm gonna do an unboxing video and review for you guys, but before I jump into it, don't forget, shop at the Lone Wolf Paintball website, we are the best source for paintball, and hit the beef jerky section for some of the best lean protein in the game. 

CS2 Pro Review

So without further ado, let's jump into this bad boy. We actually brought this home with us from Florida, and we're gonna do the official unboxing and go over the features of the Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro. All right, lemme pop this bad boy out. 

As always, Planet Eclipse does hook you up with a nice sturdy case, bang it around in your gear bag, or you throw it in the back of your car, it's gonna keep your paintball marker protected. Very, very nice, and even has the brand-new plastic on the cover. So let's jump right on into reviewing this bad boy. 

What the Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro Comes With

So, the first thing it comes with is your manual, obviously. You wanna do any troubleshooting, any, how to change O-rings, what O-rings go where, stuff like that, you got the manual, check it out. Off to the side. You've got your brand-new green Planet Eclipse barrel cover in there. Does come with another bolt tip for you, which is nice. It also does come with your brand-new Planet Eclipse grease. This stuff will last you a very, very long time if you're using it properly, and not just gobbing it on your bolt.

- [Mark] Can I stop you for a second?

- Yeah.

- [Mark] What's the purpose of the extra bolt tip? Is it because the one will wear down, or is it a different, softer variation?

- Yeah, it's a different variation of what actually comes stock into the gun.

- [Mark] Okay.

- So yeah.

- [Mark] We'll look at that in a minute.

- Yeah, exactly, we'll pull it out, we'll--

- [Mark] Sorry.

- No worries, we'll show you. I'm trying to unbox here, Mark's interrupting.

- [Mark] It was just an odd prospect.

- I gotcha.

- [Mark] I was like what?

- So this is one of the better features of the CS2 Pro, or different from the standard CS2. It does come with a Blade trigger on the gun, and then it comes with a Scythe trigger, also, if that's what you prefer. We'll jump into that here in a minute. And, as always, my favorite thing about Planet Eclipse, they have a ton of spare O-rings, parts, ball detents in this bag here. I mean, you can rebuild the gun four or five different times with all the extra parts, screws, pieces that they give you. 

Lastly, before we jump into the actual gun itself, if I can get it out, a brand-new set of the Eclipse allen wrenches to work on the gun, maintenance-wise, stuff like that. 

CS2 Pro Gun Upgrades

So here we go, Mark. Let's start, let's jump right on into it. This is the CS2 Pro. So you're looking at it, you're like, I don't see too much of a difference from the original CS2, let me get into it. So the original CS2 came with a .681 and a .689, I can kinda, barrel backs for the shaft FLs. 

With the CS2 Pro, now it comes with three different FL backs, the .681, the .685, which is one of the most common sizes used today in tournament paintball, and then, also, the .689. So what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna grab the .685, screw this bad boy on here. And now, this is also a 14-and-a-half-inch barrel in length. So a lot of standard barrels are, you can even see right there, it even says, 14.5 inches. A lot of standard barrels are only 14 inches. So I like this feature of the gun, and I also like, if you can see, right near the fourteen-and-a-half, you can see, kinda, those smooth grooves. So if your barrel gets tightened on there way too tight, you can actually use a flat crescent wrench, and slowly, maybe with a little microfiber cloth, if it's too tight, you can use a wrench, 'cause they have flat spots that could actually clamp on, instead of scratching the barrel all up. 

So let's throw the barrel on the gun. Some different features people wanna know right off the rip, like I was going over, what is the difference between the CS2 and the CS2 Pro? First off, like I said, with the shaft FL, it's coming with one extra back, so it comes with three now, instead of two, like the standard CS2. 

Also, you can notice the milling on the gun. So Planet Eclipse claims that they shaved down the extra grooves on here. They make the gun smoother for easier pit cleaning. So if you come off the field, you only got two minutes in between a point, you can wipe it down real quick instead of trying to get in the nooks and crannies of all the extra milled grooves on the actual body of the gun. So they slimmed down the body, made it more sleek, that was the reasoning for that. 

Once again, with the trigger here, this is the biggest thing, it does come stock with the Blade trigger. But then, come over here, like I showed you earlier, it does also, let's just pull it out so people can see, players have different preferences, so now, you're looking at a curved trigger, which is called the Scythe trigger, rather than the actual Blade trigger that's coming stock on the gun.

- [Mark] Put 'em next to each other.

- Ooh, okay, so I'm gonna, so, I'm just trying to figure out the best view for you. But, so, the only difference is, here, you probably can't see black on black that well, but--

- [Mark] No.

- So one is a flat blade, and one has a curve to it. So whatever your fingers prefer, that's just a little extra add-on they threw in there in case that's what your preference is. 


So, the main new features on the Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro are...

  • It comes with three backs instead of two 
  • It comes with two triggers instead of just a stock Blade
  • the milling on the gun makes for easier pit cleaning

So those are the biggest differences, but I would like to tell you that it still does come with the GP drive Core train, pull that out, pop it out, it's gonna go back to Mark's other question about the bolt. So this is the GP drive Core train, this does operate at 110 PSI, which allows this gun to shoot the most brittle tournament paint in some of the worst paintball conditions. 

As a player, we all know that some of these events can get dirty, muddy, rainy, all that stuff. This gun, shooting at such a low pressure, can shoot some of the most brittle paint in some of the worst conditions. So Mark, here we go. This was your bolt question. It comes stock on the gun with the soft tip, you see the rubber on the inside?

- [Mark] Mm-hmm.

- You see that bad boy?

- [Mark] Mm-hmm.

- Compared to just your standard one. So if you're shooting more brittle paint, you know, like, wow, all of my teammates are breaking paint, you're probably gonna wanna stick with the one that came on there, the soft tip, compared to the other one that came in the packaging. I mean, obviously, both of the bolts are great, but that's the difference. 

So, boom, these retail at $1650. This is the new Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro. So, before we close out, stay tuned, because we're gonna do a shooting video on this, put this thing through the wringer, see what it actually has to offer. And, Mark, any other questions before I close this video out?

- [Mark] More a comment, that I'm gonna stay for the after-show.

- [Tony] Okay.

- [Mark] 'Cause not only is there a shooting video coming, but there's an after-show for this one, and you can hear what other little insights I'm curious about.

- So stay tuned, don't forget, these are available on our website, Lone Wolf Paintball. Check us out, we have all the latest, greatest products in the entire paintball industry because we are the best source for paintball. Don't forget to subscribe, don't forget to hit that notification bell, and thanks for watching, guys. Brand-new Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro, brought back from World Cup, baby. Thanks for watching, take it easy.