HK Army SABR Overview | Best Starter Gun 2022

What is going on, guys? It is Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball, and today I'm going to be unboxing the all-new HK Army SABR, and doing a quick overview as well.

[Mark] What the heck's a SABR?

Unboxing the HK Army SABR

You're about to find out. So yes, HK Army came out with an entry-level gun and we're going to show you what it's all about. So box, nice little cardboard box, small, compact. Won't take up too much room in the gear bag. First off, you'll notice as I opened the box, I like that they actually have a full schematic of the gun on every single part or O-ring that you would need if you ever needed to work on the gun right on the inner panel. 

So that's actually pretty cool. For a gun that costs 129 bucks and 95 cents, I like that. What you're going to get, we're going to set the actual gun off to the side. So first we're going to notice, I think that's just a little kind of product pamphlet of everything that HK offers inside there. We'll set that over here. Down to the important stuff.

[Mark] Wait. When's the last time you got a product catalog in the box?

Um, on an entry level gun? I don't think so.

[Mark] Yeah.

I really don't think so. So you got your 12 inch ported barrel here. We'll talk about that in a little bit. On the inside, it kind of gives you some quick tips or actual like stats of the gun here. So, and then other than that, this is just a piece of cardboard in there to help keep the gun stabilized during transit. So we'll set that off to the side. We are looking at a plastic bag, correct? You got a barrel cover that comes with it. 

Next we do have a couple Allen wrenches for velocity adjustment and to take the gun apart if need so, and some O-rings. So we'll call this a mini parts kit, and then we have your actual manual. So if you needed to know how to operate, kind of troubleshoot anything, this is the actual SABR manual for you guys.

[Mark] Ooh. It's got the schematics in there, too.

It does, too. This one is obviously more blown up over here. So you, if you really needed to take it apart it's cool, but, and then this actually has a list of everything. So pretty cool. So barrel cover, mini parts kit, and a manual. And we are off to the races. SABR. I believe it comes in five different colors. You've got red. Mark, the colors are behind me.

[Mark] Uh, yeah. So I see gray or silver, a blue, a purple, and a black.

HK Army SABR Features and Compatibility 

Yup. So, hey guys, HK Army SABR, $129.95. A great entry level beginner gun. And let's jump on into it. First thing I'm going to notice. Well, I said, I'd talk about the barrel. So this is a 12 inch ported barrel. You can see the ports up near the top, and this is the autococker thread. Could be wrong, but probably one of the only entry level beginner guns on the market that comes straight out of the box with autococker thread. Normally it's either spider thread or, you know, a 98 custom thread. So I like that because if you have other barrels or if you want to upgrade in the future, the auto-cocker thread is very easy to find, and it's a great, it's a great thread. Clamping feed neck. 

So this can actually fit any hopper on the market there. If you guys notice here, there's a screw. So depending on if you're just using a gravity-fed loader, or if you're using something more expensive, you guys can definitely clamp it on bigger, smaller, and make the adjustment so it fits nice and tight and it won't fall off. Speaking of, kind of the front end of the gun, you guys will notice it does have dual baldy tents. A lot of other beginner guns out there on the market only have a one-sided detent on obviously one side of the gun. This one has here and this one has another one on this side, as well.

[Mark] So is this a mechanical gun?

This is fully mechanical. We can speak about that actually right here. This has a, it's called the Delrin bolt. So this is how you cock the marker itself. And this, if you ever wanted to clean and run a squeegee or a swab through the gun, pull the pin up and it simply slides out. This is a Delrin bolt. It is called a self lubricating bolt. So you don't need to put any oil or anything like that on there. So that's, that's a great feature of the gun.

[Mark] That looks like the same bolt in the LV. 1.6.

Special Feature: No Maco Line

Yeah, Mark. Something like that, right? So I guess we're going to go down into the frame area, which is a very, very important feature of this gun. You will notice there is no, there is no macro line. There is no steel braided hose. It is all internal. So when you screw your tank on here in the back, you have a hose that runs up, through the grip, and then into the front chamber. So guys, this probably one of my favorite features other than the autococker threaded barrel, is that there's no hose here. There's nothing in your way. So would you agree, Mark?

[Mark] Oh yeah. Hoses can be kind of a pain.

I mean, like even on the 98 custom, which is tried and true and has been around for a very long time, it has a steel braided hose. Some of the other lower end guns on the market have the hose or the macro line here. I liked that they integrated it through the handle. That way, if you ever took a bad fall or something, you're not going to be busting that line, or, you know, having a leak. Speaking of the front grip, this is a hand molded front grip. 

So I mean, depending on bigger hands, smaller hands, this front grip area here, and it has, you can probably zoom in, it has like little ridges on there, so you can actually get a good hold and feel for the gun. I really like that. I think it's a great feature. Lastly, I want to say, I want to talk about the actual velocity adjustment here in the back. Some of the other guns on the market, you're not quite sure where to actually adjust the velocity at. This one has a plus and minus here. So obviously if you need your gun to get turned down at the chrono, you'll know which way to turn it. If you need to turn it up, you'll know which way to turn it. 


Overall, I mean, for $129.95, it's a great gun. The bottom frame is composite. So this obviously this whole black part composite. The upper is a lightweight aluminum. So this gun is not very heavy whatsoever, but the body is aluminum. The frame is composite and this is the HK Army SABR by, by HK Army. What do you, what, what do you think, Mark? First thoughts, opinions, impressions?

[Mark] It kind of reminds me of a spider, like an updated spider. Are we going to do a comparison later?

We will. We'll do a comparison video with this bad boy. Until then, until the next video, follow us on all the other channels. TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, all that good stuff. And of course go to Lone Wolf Paintball, and don't forget, use our code LWP10 over at Get your monthly, random paintball subscription bag. We will see you guys later. Take it easy.

[Mark] What about shooting? Are we going to shoot it?

Yeah, we're going to shoot it, too. Duh.

[Mark] See, we've got to tell these people so they know to stay tuned.

Okay. Well, we're going to do it all.

[Mark] See ya.