Dye DSR+ Icon Unboxing & Shooting

Hey everyone, it's me, Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball, and today we're diving into the brand new Dye DSR Plus in the Icon series. Why, you ask? Because we're the best icons in the game – that's us at LoneWolfPaintball.com. Dye has just released the DSR Plus Icon series in eight different colorways, and I'm about to show you the absolutely killer milling in just a second.

There are six standard colorways retailing at around 1400 bucks, but if you want the special colors like the Mayan and the shattered, those go for an extra hundred, putting you at around 1500 bucks. Check out that gold packaging – it's fancy. Now, let's explore the differences between the standard DSR Plus and the Icon Series.

We've unboxed the DSR Plus several times before, but today, we're focusing on the unique features of the Icon Series. It comes in a hard protective case, and inside, you'll find two Dye UL barrel backs, a 684 and either a 688 or 689, a beautiful barrel tip, and an Icon Series barrel cover.

Included in the package are sealed allen wrenches for maintenance, a warranty card, a quick guide manual, a nine-volt battery, a cable, and a full rebuild and parts kit with color-coded O-rings. Of course, there's also the necessary Dye UL slick lube for maintenance.

Now, let's talk about the moment of truth – the Icon Series itself. The Milling on this bad boy is completely different from the standard DSR Plus, featuring unique ridges and textures. It's a visual and tactile feast. The package also includes the IM Pro kit, a Billy Wing trigger, and the Arc Plus Bolt.

I must say, the upgraded features, including the Milling, the Billy Wing trigger, and the IM Pro kit, make this Icon Series DSR Plus stand out. It's a bit pricier, but for the extra cost, you're getting a marker that's not only a joy to shoot but also a visual masterpiece. And that's saying something because the DSR Plus has already been known for its smooth performance in the tournament scene.

Now, we're taking this bad boy outside for a test run. Join us as we put the Mayan Icon Series DSR Plus through its paces, showcasing its performance and smooth shooting. See you outside!