Virtue Spire IR Loader


Hey guys, what's going on? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today, I'm bringing you an unboxing and review of the new Virtue Spire IR Loader. Alright guys, well like I just said, this is the new Virtue Spire IR.

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Virtue Spire IR Loader Unboxing

So let's open this box. While I'm doing that, I kind of want to just go over the current pricing. It's virtue, so obviously they can't keep things to the industry standard. They always have to make something a little bit weird out there. So guys, this is the Spire IR in all black.

These retail at $114 bucks. If you wanted a color version, they retail at the same or even a little less. Let's dive into this review. I'm going to start on the outside guys. The first thing I notice, push this off to the side, is your actual back cap is the same durable nylon that the entire shell is made out of. For the guys out there that have owned the Virtue Spires in the past, this back half itself has always been like a really cheap plastic and they break all the time and people obviously are concerned for the, for the durability of that. So now the whole thing is made up of durable nylon. So without further ado, let's dive into some of the real key features of this.

Virtue Spire IR Features

I really like this loader for the price point. You're gonna pop the lid open.

Okay, it looks like a normal Spire, right? The best thing about this for being right around a $115 hopper, you can easily install one of the Crown SF Speed Feeds on here, I'd just call it plug and play, click and play. So right here on the inside there's just a little tab. You press, and that lid comes right off for you guys. Then you grab your new Crown Speed Feed, slide that right on in there. In the matter of seconds you can change it from a normal lid if it's raining back to a speed feed or vice versa. So once again, that lid, by the press of a button, just clicks in there and easily comes off. So that's a great feature for their lower end hopper. Next thing I kind of want to go over is how this back shell comes off. There's a lock and unlock button on here. If you put it to the unlock position and press it in. This back half comes right off of the hopper. So once again guys, in the beginning of this video, I said that this material here on this back shell is this same material the entire hopper is made out of. So like I said, it used to be plastic, now this is durable nylon, it's not going to snap and break on you out there on the field. So I've gone over the durable nylon, I've gone over the quick changing lid.

Virtue Spire IR Hopper

We're going to set that off to the side and kind of dive right into the hopper itself. First thing I'm gonna notice. Right here there's a little arrow. Push it out this way. You're going to pull it and then your whole entire train should come right on out of there. So once again, right here there's a little arrow. If you just push that down, this whole entire tray comes right out of the hopper. And then on the inside, there's literally nothing left inside. If you ever clean it. 

If you ever do break paint on the inside, this is a very, very good feature of this hopper. Push of a button and the whole tray comes out. So actually speaking of the tray itself, these are spring loaded flexible fingers on here. Very good for brittle paint. This hopper can shoot all sorts of paint, but if you're worried about the tournament scene, these brittle fingers right in here, well for brutal paint these soft fingers are spring loaded, and thus will feed that paint very nicely for ya.

One thing that I would like to discuss about this platform is that Virtue says, "this hopper will never jam on you." I like that, it's a pretty risqué thing to say that it will never jam. That's their statement. They're sticking by it. Reason for that, the actual design of the soft fingers in here, all being spring loaded. On the backside, this is where things kinda get a little bit tricky. 

Virtue Spire IR Sensors

These are new, there's three sensors, If you can see them. One here, one there, and then one on the other side. These are called the three IR sensors. These feed paint proactively rather than reactively. So before you're already skipping balls and, and paints not feeding, it's already doing its job. These three eye sensors, that are protected by the polycarbonate outside, they're never going to get damaged and they're constantly keeping a reading on your paint flow, so you're never missing a shot out there on the field.

Spire IR Loader Battery Requirements

So next thing they claim about this Spire IR is, you can either buy the Virtue N-Charge battery pack. It's a self charging pack, lasts a very, very long time, or you can do the three double A's that sit right in here, right above the feed tube and the eye sensors. So they said the board, the new technology on this IR, it is making the battery life a lot longer than their previous models. I didn't get an actual number on how many more shots you are going to get, but they said the battery life on this new IR is better than the previous models. 

Conclusion and Paintball Capacity

All right guys, lastly before I close this video off, once again, Virtue saying the hopper never jams. One thing I do know, that is true, as it, this hopper will never pulse on you and make a bunch of loud noise out there like a lot of hoppers. This hopper will not pulse on you due to the technology in the board, and then the eyes as well. So once again guys, this is the Virtue IR Spire review and kind of overall taking it apart.

Lastly, I do want to cover that since I've got the entire thing taken over. The shell is a little bit lighter than previous models and this shell is a true 200 round shell. A lot of hoppers out there say they can hold 200 paintballs. This one truly does hold 200 paintballs, not the standard or right around 180. 

So guys, I'm gonna get this thing put back together here, so I can show ya how simple it was to take out. Tray goes in, front end first. You always want to make sure that the front end locks in up there. Then we're gonna slide the back half in, make sure this push button on the back locks in place and you are good to go. One simple motion slide it in, lock it in. Put this on the back, there's a little tab here. You're gonna want to line it up with the tab on the inside of the hopper, line it up there, go to the back half, push it in. You can lock it down and now, slide your lock button, unlock to lock. So it doesn't come off on you on the field.

And that's it guys. This is the new Virtue Spire IR. A quick review, kind of the main topics, points, whatever. Good things about this hopper. I personally like it for right around $115 price point. It's a very nice hopper. So if you guys haven't checked it out, come on in store we have them in stock, or visit the Lone Wolf Paintball website and shop today. click that online store button. Don't forget to subscribe. Give this video a like. And also let me know guys, if you want me to compare this hopper to any other hoppers out on the market. And thanks for watching guys. I'm outta here.