Protoyz Speedster Loader Review & Shooting | Planet Eclipse Hopper

What is going on guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball, today, I am bringing you the brand new Protoyz Speedster loader. You heard that correctly Protoyz has come out with the Speedster loader, completely tool-less feeding 10 plus balls per second, available now, at Lone Wolf Paintball. So Mark, where would you like me to start? Outside going in, inside going out? What do you think man?

[Mark] Let me start with who the heck is Protoyz? They make the one little air tank right?

They make little air tanks, they are Protoyz is definitely a sub company of Planet Eclipse, so, you know they're going to have awesome and amazing products.

[Mark] Oh.

So other than that, now that's out of the way, outside in inside out? Which one do you want?

[Mark] Outside in.

Protoyz Speedster Loader: Outside In Overview

Outside in, so let's talk about the GRN or I think they pronounce it their green shell, this thing extremely durable. You're going to be able to smash it up and down, around on the ground, it's still going to hold out for you, very thick and this hopper does hold 210, 68 Cal paintballs or so I've been told 50 Cal paintballs, 'cause it is also 50 Cal convertible. So let's talk about that, we went over the outer shell unfortunately right now it's not speed feed compatible currently, I'm sure they're going to make one but it does have a very, very durable lid. 

A lot of the cheaper hoppers have, you know, the plastic lids that like to snap on you, this one is not going to do that, very very durable, so the shell and the lid let's crack on into the inside. 

Inside Out: Loader Features

Mark, so right here, you'll notice, I don't know if you can get in there, it's getting dark. There's a little lid here and there's a little lock button. So if you push that lock button up to lock it in down to unlock it, you could pull this forward and the hopper will actually come unhinged from the front, just come in, awkward there, but okay. So obviously hopper comes off completely tool-less once again comes right on off, you have access to the inside without using any tools whatsoever. 

You guys will notice, there is a large agitating pedal here similar to hoppers in the past, this is what helps it achieve 10 plus paintballs per second. You might wonder how it is powered and why? So let's talk about that a little bit, by pushing this front button you will have access to pull the entire tray out without any tools, once again. Press the front button, this is actually going to come out, So now you have access to the tray that has a ramped down and kind of a ramp from the back to help feed paintballs right into the drive cone and keep it moving. 

So let's flip it over, this hopper is powered by 4AA Batteries, how it actually operates is it's the the agitator drive up here and you're going to turn this on Mark, it's going to spin and then it will pause slowly, so now if I, I'm going to use my finger as a paint ball per se, it's not going to spin, so it sees a paintball ball at stop spinning, once it does that, it's going to continue to spin once again. So what I'm saying is obviously if there's no paintball in there it's going to spin and do its thing. If there is a paintball it's going to stop until it sees more in the breach. 4AA, so a nice sensor. 

Paintball Caliber Compatibility

Let's talk about the 50 Cal compatibility right here, so let me go into the box real quick, turn it off, go into the box and see. So people are like, how does it convert to 50 Cal? There is an adapter inside of the box that actually clips into place, right in that area mark. So this little clear adapter will clip in, so now you can convert it to shooting 50 Caliber paintballs. 

Which like I said earlier this thing is going to hold 550 Caliber paintballs. So, which is pretty cool, I mean, great design by Protoyz, AKA Planet Eclipse. So next, what do you think, Mark, are we going to, I'm going to throw this stuff back in and shoot it?

[Mark] I think we should, I had one question before you put it all back together, is there any kind of antijam features or anything?

As far as I know, there's not any lever or drive cone or anything down in the bottom, but for $64.95, this is one heck of a hopper, I can tell you that much.

[Mark] Okay.

So we're going to slide this back in once again, completely tool-less which is a great feature of the hopper. We're going to shoot this bad boy.

[Mark] You want to tell the fine folks at home, what we're shooting it on today?

Shooting with the Protoyz Speedster

Well of course none other than a Planet Eclipse, one of those limited edition per se, Geo3 Zombie killer, so we're going to throw this Speedster loader on a PE gun here, we're going to let it rip, this one should be set at like 10.3, an Excel millennium, whatever you guys want to call it. And we're going to see how well a $65 completely tool-less hopper operates with a Planet Eclipse gun, let's take a look. What do you think Mark? Is it going to keep up? What do you think?

[Mark] I hope so, I'm curious, so what should we be looking for to know if it's not keeping up or not?

You're going to hear the gun stutter, a lot of these guys are going to watch this video probably know what 10, 10 and a half balls per second sound like, if you hear the gun stutter, it's not keeping up. I've got complete faith, to be honest, so we'll see, we'll see what it does.

Put on some paint in here real quick.

[Mark] Did you count the balls? So we know exactly.

I did not but it took close to a you know, a half a bag of a 500 round brand new pack. So yeah, I mean, let's see what it does. Make sure this bad boy is on, and let's rock it once again, guys, the Protoyz Speedster loader $65 retail, feeds 10 plus paintballs per second, extremely durable with the outside GRN shell and let's rock this bad boy, let's go. Okay, so you can tell me right now, Mark, from watching behind that this hopper cannot keep up with any MXL legal guns.

[Mark] Yeah, I mean, I didn't see any break in the stream which you were...

A hundred percent, not whatsoever, absolutely flawless, if you guys want to use this in the ever so popular revived, rejuvenated ICPL, ICC Tournaments for the Classical Mechanical Paintball? Great to use you guys want to take it on the MXL field also great to use as you can see, man. And that's it, that's the end of the hopper. You want me to put more paint through it, Mark, or?

[Mark] It's up to you?

It doesn't really, I mean, I don't know, what do you think?

[Mark] I mean, sure, why not?

Sure, we'll throw a little bit more in there, shoot it again, but then this thing absolutely rips. I'm not going to pour another full hopper, we'll just do some.

[Mark] Legitimately, I see the only downside of this thing is that it doesn't have a speed feed yet.

A hundred percent, but I guarantee you.

[Mark] And I can't see them not making one in the next...

Protoyz will come out with one, if not, someone's probably going to 3D print one and they'll, we'll be on our merry way, let's go. Not one stuttered, even from the old girl, the Geo3, you know what I'm saying Mark.

[Mark] Yeah

Even the old Zombie Killer, letting her rip still baby. And that's it, Another, that was a good half a hopper there. All right guys, So once again, Protoyz Speedster loader, phenomenal man, I've got nothing, absolutely nothing bad to say about a hopper at that price point, that's completely tool-less and the batteries will last you a long time, shop now guys at Lone Wolf Paintball.

YouTube Question

[Mark] We got a question from YouTube before we go through.

All right

[Mark] @2EZ2K5 wants to know what's the best gun under $400?

Best gun under $400, depending on what you're looking for. If you're talking electronic Empire Mini GS, if you are talking non-electronic probably the Planet Eclipse EMEK.

[Mark] There we go, if you've got a question, leave it in the comments below, otherwise.

That's it, we are out of here, we got to go.