Powerhouse Featherweight Air System | The Lightest Air Tanks?

Hey everyone, it's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today, I want to discuss the new Powerhouse featherweight tanks available on our website, LoneWolfPaintball.com. We've just released these in three different sizes: 68 CI, 78 CI, and 88 CI, catering to various air needs on the field.

Let's dive into the features, starting with the TKO Powerhouse Regulators. These regulators come with a stainless steel cartridge and offer full adjustability with interlocking set screw grooves. You can customize the tank's positioning on your gun, ensuring the fill nipple or gauge doesn't dig into your wrist. The stainless steel construction adds strength compared to aluminum, and the low-profile burst discs and wave spring technology contribute to a reliable and consistent performance.

Now, moving on to the featherweight tanks. Powerhouse claims these are the lightest on the market, and we're about to verify that with a weigh-in. We have the 68 CI, 78 CI, and 88 CI options, all priced at $299.95, inclusive of the full air system.

What sets these tanks apart is their Tri labels certification and DOT NTC approval, making them usable worldwide. Whether you're playing in NXL Europe, the United States, or any other location globally, these tanks are certified for use.

As for the regulator's PSI adjustability, they can range from 400 to 650, with a factory setting of 450 PSI output. The TKO regulator also features the Powerhouse Power Puck, offering improved airflow.

In terms of weight, let's get to the scale. The 68 CI weighs in at 2 pounds 2.9 ounces, the 78 CI at 2 pounds 4.7 ounces, and the 88 CI at 2 pounds 7.7 ounces. We're providing accurate readings, including the regulator, to give you a comprehensive overview.

These featherweight tanks showcase a collaboration with Infamous, as indicated by the logo on the regulator. To explore more and stay updated on our comparisons with other tanks, check out our website, LoneWolfPaintball.com. Remember, we've got the best gear for your paintball needs. See you there!