Infamous Paintball Tank Case & Regulator Case Review

What is going on guys? 

It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball, and today, I am going over Infamous Protective Cases.

[Mark] What? What's in the box?

That is right. That is right. Infamous has their own line of protective cases, a beautiful tank case and a very, very nice regulator case. So, without further ado, let's jump on into this bad boy. 

Infamous Pro DNA Tank Case

What is in the box, Mark? You had to ask. So, we shall see. Crack this bad boy open. None other than the Skeleton Squad Pro DNA tank case. So, I'm going to slide this stuff over a little bit. First off you can see I pulled it out of the box very nicely, it's got a rubber grip handle here, carrying handle. So, it's just not a case that you have to lug around without a handle. It's got a nice carrying handle on it. Hey, first impressions are everything. Obviously Infamous always comes out with a nice slick design. Tank looks good. It's very, it's crispy. What do you think, Mark?

[Mark] No, I like it. You know what I was afraid of?


[Mark] Is that it was going to look like an Exalt knockoff.

Okay. And it doesn't. It's got its own kind of tubular design.

[Mark] Yeah.

It looks good. I like it. Cracking it open. While we're doing that, these things retail $24.95. That is excellent to keep your extremely expensive tank protected, whilst, you know, kept safe, especially if you're traveling on airlines too. All right. So, let's crack this bad boy open. All right. And first impressions, Mark. What I see, I see carabiner. So, you can definitely use this thing, hook it on the outside of the tank case, and then strap it to your gear bag if you're getting around the field and not trying to carry another thing in your hand. So, it comes with the carabiner. That's a nice feature.

[Mark] Not read it for hiking. Don't use it to climb a mountain.

No, not rated for hiking at all. So, first things first what I'm noticing. You do have a slot for your tank here. It's got a nice mesh covering too. A little bit, a little bit of padding in there, and you may be wondering what that spot is for. So, the best thing about this Infamous tank case, in my opinion, you're putting your tank over here. 

So, I got this nice Skeleton air system by Infamous. We're putting our tank over here. It's going to sit nice on this side, and if you guys needed to carry an extra reg or anything like that, you can actually carry another reg inside of this case, and you'd be like, how does that even work? 

So, I've got an Infamous reg over here. It's the Haymkr 500 by Powerhouse, and it's got the Infamous logo on there. So, we're going to strap this bad boy in here on this side and show you how this can actually hold your tank, separate reg on this side. I'm going to close it. I'm going to zip it up. And there's that. You're on your way. Obviously, the Infamous guys do a lot of traveling. A lot of you players out there travel, have to go on airlines. This is a nice secure way to keep your expensive stuff protected.

[Mark] Well, I was gonna say, That's nice because then the reg can come off your tank when you're traveling on a plane.

100%. If you don't even want to carry an extra reg, that's obviously up to you. Most people don't have two, but some do. So, if you want to carry an extra reg just in case you have a bad day at the field, need to swap them out real quick, you can do that, or you can obviously, simply when you go to travel, you're taking your reg off your tank, store it in that slot, keep your tank on the other side, whatever you guys want to do, this tank is definitely, this case is definitely universal, and you can do what you want with it.

[Mark] Universal? So, you mean this Ninja tank will fit in it too?

Yes. Yeah. So, obviously people have asked us questions. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. Well, does it fit a Ninja tank? Well, yeah. It would fit a Ninja tank as well. So, put that in there.

[Mark] And what size tank was that Ninja? Sorry.

Even with the extra rag, and we're going to close that bad boy on up. And that Ninja that we just put in there was 77 cubic inch, and obviously these are 80 cubic inch. So, it'll fit pretty much any tank on the market, unless you've got some honkin' 90 or something crazy like that. But yes, it will fit any tank on the market. You want to take that Mark?

[Mark] I will.

All right, so. Enough about the tank case, which is, obviously, it's beautiful. These things retail at 25 bucks, like I said. It's a great price point. Let's move on to the regulator case. I'm gonna throw this one. I'll just take that one off of there.

Infamous Pro DNA Regulator Case

[Mark] What?

Yeah, dude. So, Infamous also has a regulator case. Those retail at $14.95. So, once again, if you didn't want to just buy the tank case that holds the reg and the tank, you can buy a nice little nifty regulator case. Let's crack into this. So, like I said, $15. Once again, Infamous is all about their products looking nice. Nice little reg case there.

[Mark] Mm-hmm.

I'm gonna pop that bad boy open.

[Mark] Does anybody else have a reg case on the market?

I think there's a couple that might, but they're not as stylish as this, Mark. I can tell you that much.

[Mark] Oh.

So this one's got, it's got a mesh dual pocket on this side if you want to carry any extra, sometimes Allen's to actually, if you want to get inside of your reg and do some maintenance on it, you can store stuff like that, a little grease, whatever you guys want to do on the one side, and then this is actually the side, once again, another carabiner here, and it does come with the hook to hook the carabiner on. And this is where the reg is gonna go. 

So, I know this one obviously is brand new. It's got no air in the tank. Mark, if there was, you're about to see a show. And a silver Infamous reg. Man, I think he did a really, really good job with the design, the overall vision of these products. 


So, for $14.95, for $24.95, you guys can keep your expensive stuff protected when you're traveling and going to the field, whatever the case may be. And this is the, yeah, this is the Infamous Regulator Case alone, and the Infamous Tank Case. Do you have any questions Mark before we close this bad boy out?

[Mark] I don't. Not from me.

Okay. All right.

[Mark] I think those are pretty good. 25, 15 bucks.

It's a good price point.

[Mark] Yeah.

Obviously the design, the overall look, the functionality of them is the most important, keeping your expensive products safe. So, a big shout out to Travis over at Infamous. He works his butt off, and he comes out with some pretty good products. So.

[Mark] Awesome. And we've got those tanks in stock too, right?

Yeah. Oh yeah. Of course. Lone Wolf Paintball. There would be nobody else.

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