Virtue Spire V Hoppers & Accessories

The Virtue Spire V is the culmination of over ten years of continuous development by the best selling high-end loader brand in paintball. Never before in the history of the sport has a loader dominated for so long. Fast, jam-proof performance is not only even easier to use, but also more responsive, reliable, and robust than ever.
Virtue Spire V


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Virtue Spire V Hoppers & Accessories

The all-new Spire V hopper from Virtue is the most advanced paintball hopper yet and is the result of more than 10 years of continuous research and development. The Spire V hopper offers high-end technology at an excellent price point and is easily integrated by players already familiar with the brand.

With refinements throughout, the Virtue Spire V represents the latest in hopper technology, featuring faster feeding speeds that keep you in the game and on point. Its toolless components make this high-end hopper easy to clean and service, no matter how many paintballs you fire. This hopper offers top-notch functionality that is unrivaled in the paintball hopper market.

Virtue Spire V Advanced Electronics

The Virtue Spire V hopper's electronics have undergone a major redesign, with three infrared sensors and an accelerometer working in tandem during the feed process to control precise feeding. Dual sensors report back on paintball feeds and shot detection to alert players in real-time of any jams.

Despite the complex and expensive-sounding electronics, players of all experience levels can benefit from the Virtue Spire V hopper, which seamlessly integrates with any compatible Virtue paintball marker.

Furthermore, the Spire V hopper doesn't sacrifice speed or consistency. It remains the fastest responding loader from Virtue and feeds even the most fragile of paintballs for quick follow-up shots. With simple operation, just turn the unit on, load your paintballs, and get ready to experience the improved performance from Virtue's latest hopper.

Why Players Love the Virtue Spire V

Capacity: The Spire V has a large capacity of up to 280 paintballs, which is more than enough for most games. It also has a low profile, making it easy to aim your gun.

Speed: The Spire V is very fast, with a feed rate of up to 12.5 balls per second. This means that you can shoot quickly without worrying about the hopper keeping up.

Reliability: The Spire V is known for its reliability, with a toolless design that makes it easy to take apart and clean. It also has an anti-jam drive that prevents paintballs from getting stuck and causing issues.

Customizability: The Spire V has a variety of color options and interchangeable color kits, allowing you to customize the look of your hopper to match your paintball gun or your personal style.

Battery Life: The Spire V has a long-lasting battery that can last up to 20,000 shots on a single charge, which is great for extended play sessions.

Locking Lid: The Spire V has a double locking lid to prevent loader explosions which are very common in other loaders. Players love this feature because it eliminates additional distractions during the game, especially during speedball games.

Virtue Spire Maintenance

Maintaining the Spire V hopper is effortless, as its Spire drive and paintball tray can be removed without requiring a screwdriver. If cleaning, repair, or replacement is necessary, the spring fingers on the speed feed can also be easily taken out. Additionally, the glass-filled nylon exterior is not only easy to wipe clean but also incredibly durable, even in the harshest terrains.