SP Shocker AMP Limited Edition

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Exclusively available at Lone Wolf Paintball, these custom anodized Shocker AMPs are offered in extremely limited quantities. Each unit is meticulously assembled by Shocker Paintball at their factory, complete with a full factory warranty. The Shocker, having evolved from the inception of electronic paintball to the resurgence of mechanical versions, continues to lead innovation in the game. With the introduction of the Shocker AMP, this tradition is upheld and advanced, as it boasts various refinements to maintain its position as an ultra-efficient, sleek, and lightweight avant-garde paintball marker. Clients can select from the drop-down menu whether they prefer the Electronic Frame only or wish to opt for the combined Electronic and Mechanical Frame Bundle for a more versatile experience.

The AMP features a streamlined Two-Piece Board Design, simplifying the transition between swift electronic and top-tier mechanical operation, thanks to fewer moving and reconfigurable components. With distributed electronics, maintenance and grip frame removal are faster than ever. Engineers behind the Shocker AMP have further refined its efficiency, with the valve and bolt now being the most efficient to date, showing a remarkable 20% improvement. A Twist-Lock Bolt allows for swift de-pressurization and unlocking of the bolt and fire chamber, providing tool-free access for quick maintenance.

Efficiency enhancements have allowed for a reduction in the Ultra-Gentle Bolt’s operating pressure from 160psi to a mere 110psi. Whether used in mechanical mode or paired with the Vision anti-chop system in electronic mode, the Shocker AMP is more gentle on paint than ever, ensuring paint breaks on target, not in the breech. Additionally, the marker offers tool-free solenoid valve removal for quicker maintenance, eliminating the need to search for the correct-sized hex wrench. Improved water resistance features provide robust protection against moisture, keeping the AMP reliable even in unfavorable weather.

Ergonomic upgrades, including new curves on the Shocker AMP grip, ensure a comfortable and enhanced feel during play. The Slimline Reg Cover provides a snug fit and a polished look, contributing to the Shocker legacy by being one of the lightest and slimmest professional-level tournament markers ever produced. Furthermore, with the Compact QEV Module fully integrated into the bolt, players are guaranteed rapid responses and improved cycle-to-cycle consistency during their games. For a full review of the SP Shocker AMP Limited Edition, take a look at our helpful YouTube video below:

Players Want to Know

Frequently asked questions by paintballers…

What is the best output pressure for the Shocker AMP?

The Shocker AMP can run on output pressure from 450-850psi. Anything within that range will be adequate for the Shocker AMP though we recommend setting it towards the higher end of the spectrum for high rates of fire.

What is the Shocker AMP’s operating pressure?

The Shocker AMP’s operating pressure ranges from 110 to 160. Given this low operating pressure range, it is extremely gentle with brittle paint and is an excellent tournament marker.

What barrel does the Shocker AMP use?

The Shocker AMP uses the Freak XL barrel and can use the different Freak XL barrel inserts