HK Army LAZR Elite Nexus Barrel Kit


HK Army LAZR Elite Nexus Barrel Kit

The LAZR Barrel Kit is designed with precision and elegance, offering unmatched performance. Through the meticulous process of barrel bore-honing, the LAZR provides enhanced diameter consistency and a sleek inner finish. This specific focus on surface refinement ensures the exact ball-on-ball accuracy sought in a top-tier barrel system. The control bore can be easily modified by inserting the bore components into the barrel back.

Included in the LAZR Barrel Kit are 8 Barrel Bore Inserts, a Barrel Tip, and 4 Swap-Out Accent Grips. The entire LAZR barrel is housed in the specially designed HK Army Hard Shell Exo Barrel Case which is a surprisingly high-quality case that will keep everything safely organized.


  • Highest Quality Aluminum 2 Piece Barrel 
  • EXO Hard Zipper Protective 
  • 8 Barrel Backs In Bore Sizes .678, .680, .682, .684, .686, .688, .690, .692
  • 4 Removable Color Barrel Back Grips (Red, Blue, Black, Grey)
  • Ball Sizer to ensure that the proper bore size is used.
  • 15" Total Length 
  • 8" Barrel Back
  • Porting designed to increase accuracy and lower the sound signature
  • Laser Engraved Bore Size Numbers On Back Of Barrel
  • Precision Honed Barrel Tip and Barrel Backs
  • Autococker Threading (Axe/Mini, Shocker, Planet Eclipse Markers, Dye Markers, VCOM, Mac Dev Markers, Field One and Vanquish
  • Luxe / Impulse / Ion Threading

Make sure to select the correct barrel threads for your marker when choosing the Barrel Adapter on the drop down menu!

Players Want to Know

Frequently asked questions by paintballers…

How Heavy Is the LAZR Elite Nexus Barrel Kit?

The Nexus kit is stainless steel so that makes this barrel slightly heavier than other barrel kits on the market and the weight of the barrel comes in at about 160g or about 6oz. However, there are a few advantages that actually come with having a heavier barrel on the front of your marker. First, the weight on the front of the marker actually reduces the amount of recoil you’ll experience from shooting paintballs at a higher rate. The extra weight also translates into extremely durable materials that won’t break or bend during normal gameplay.

Is The LAZR Elite Nexus Barrel Kit Quiet?

Yes, the Nexus barrel kit is extremely quiet because of the additional length. The barrel is 15” long which is a full inch longer than many other barrels on the market which gives the paintball lots of extra porting to travel through. The Nexus barrel kit has spiraled porting to facilitate gasses escaping and therefore reducing the sound signature of the marker.

Is the LAZR Elite Nexus Barrel Kit Accurate?

Yes, while the additional length of the Nexus barrel kit helps to keep the marker as quiet as possible, it also makes your shots much more accurate. In addition to this, we’ve noticed over the past couple of years that paintballs tend towards the narrow end of the .68 spectrum and appreciate that HK Army have included more narrow barrel inserts. These smaller caliber inserts make sure that you can get the most mileage out of the barrel kit.