Carbon SC Harness


Carbon SC Harness

The Carbon SC Harness is the best sub-compact pod pack for paintball enthusiasts. The Carbon SC Harness features a low-profile way to carry pods and sits more snugly to the body than traditional harnesses. The minimalist construction eliminates excess material making it ultra-lightweight. The variable size also allows for snug fits for athletes of all sizes and is manufactured with best-in-class materials to maintain wear-resistant but still hug the player’s body. The ventilated silicone-coated belt and brake pad eliminate any unwanted movement.  

Helpful Videos

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  • Dual-function brake pad and lumbar support
  • Uniquely tapered pod holders for best pod retention
  • Aerated belt with silicone interwoven
  • Industry-leading fabric with fused sublimation
  • Silicone printed interior
  • 4 + 7 or 5 + 8 capacity options
  • Flexible size range for optimal fit

Carbon SC Harness Sizing

Carbon Pod Packs come in two main sizes: small - medium and large - extra large. The pod packs are made of stretchy material so there’s quite a bit of room for error. However, for best results, players should use their shirt size as a guide. If you wear a small or medium-sized shirt, the best option for you is the small to medium-sized pod pack. However, if you wear a large or XL shirt, then you should choose the large - extra large pod pack. Remember that a good fit is highly recommended for these pod packs. They are meant to fit flush with your body and create a low-profile way to carry extra pods. Having the wrong sizing may compromise the fit.

How Sturdy Is The Carbon SC Harness

Players love the Carbon SC harness because of how well it is built. The harness is made with a stretchy material that allows the pods to hug your midsection and hold the harness tightly to your body. The velcro used is highly durable and was built to withstand the wear and tear of the most intense games. As with anything made of Carbon, these harnesses are extremely durable and are built to deal with years of high-intensity paintball rounds.

What Material is it Made Of?

The Carbon SC Harness is made of very lightweight materials like silicon, elastic, and nylon. The actual band is made with strong yet light materials to ensure a secure fit while also staying breathable for use in hot and humid environments. The actual band and loops are made of nylon, elastic, and silicone which are woven together to create a strong and durable fabric.

Is it Comfortable?

YES. The Carbon SC harness is one of the most comfortable harnesses on the market. The lightweight fabric keeps players cool while keeping the pods snug and safe. The harness also provides lumbar support for added comfort while diving and making aggressive movements.