Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R Markers

The original Gtek was the first Planet Eclipse paintball marker to bear the now-iconic Gamma Core drivetrain. Efficient. Smooth. Quiet. Gentle on even the most fragile paint. And reliable beyond comprehension. From frozen wastelands to scorched earth deserts the Gamma Core delivers all of its potential, all of the time. So the decision to continue with the Gamma Core in this, the Second Generation of Gtek paintball gun was a simple one. A no-brainer. But that didn't mean the rest of the marker wouldn't see a serious overhaul. The Planet Eclipse 170R combines many various advanced features, making the Gteck 170R one of the best paintball markers on the market today.

With its blade-like lines, the Gtek170R is a tool sharpened and ready to perform at any level!

We’ve created these helpful YouTube videos where we test shot, compare, unbox, and teach how to program for more information on these markers so you can make an informed decision.

Infamous x Planet Eclipse GTEK 170i


  • Black
  • Black / Red
  • Black / Silver
  • Silver / Black
  • +2
HK Army GTEK 170R
HK Army GTEK 170R

$999.95 $1,099.95

  • Amp
  • Amethyst
  • Black/Orange
  • Canary
  • +14