Valken Camo Coverall


Are you in need of a disposable coverall? Slip into comfortable full body protection with Valken's Disposable Camo Zip-Up Coveralls made with a heavy duty woven polypropylene. These disposable coveralls are not only used for recreational paintball play, but they are also engineered to suit a variety of other needs, including construction work, medical screening, and waste clean-up. The Valken Disposable Zip-Up Coverall is a sterling line of versatile protective clothing that shields like armor but moves comfortably.

Thanks to their proprietary woven polypropylene fabric, wearers get a flexible range of motion and all-day comfort, all while staying guarded against paintballs and other hazardous materials associated with on-the-job duties of painters, construction workers, mold remediation experts, and medical personnel. Suit up with Valken Disposable Coveralls and keep small-sized particles, liquids and aerosols away all day. For years, woven polypropylene coveralls have set the standard for chemical-resistant protective clothing.