Ninja SL2 Air Tank

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Ninja SL2 Air Tank

The paintball industry witnessed a significant advancement with the introduction of the Ninja Superlite SL series of air tanks. After years of brainstorming and engineering, Ninja has released the lightest paintball tank ever. The Ninja SL2 systems are even more lightweight than before, offering players a range of options in terms of sizes and colors, and are the lightest paintball tanks on the market. They are DOT-approved and come equipped with the Ninja Pro V2 regulator. You also have the option to mount any Ninja 4,500 psi rated regulators onto the SL2 Air Tank.

For a complete look at the Ninja SL2 Air Tank, take a look at our helpful YouTube video review below:


  • 68 or 77 cubic inch
  • 4500 psi
  • D.O.T. approved Carbon fiber bottle
  • 5-year hydro-tested
  • Gives you 1350 shots per fill depending on the marker
  • PRO V2 Regulator - Preset 800 psi output - Fully adjustable

Pro V2 Regulator Features:

  • New Ball Valve Seal
  • 30% Increased flow
  • Improved seal Integrity
  • Rotational 360 Degree
  • Pressure Adjustable with INCLUDED shims - You can achieve 800 psi, 700 psi, 550 psi, or 450 psi

Players Want to Know

Frequently asked questions by paintballers…

Should I get a sleeve for the Ninja SL2 Air Tank?

These tanks are very slick, especially when pressed against a polyester (or jersey material) shirt. We would recommend getting a tank sleeve to keep your Ninja SL2 from slipping around as well as to protect the tank in case it falls.

How long do Ninja HPA tanks last?

Ninja HPA tanks will last a long time. Before the Ninja tanks even get to the shelf, they’re hydro-tested and should be hydro-tested every 5 years or so. However, the average lifespan for Ninja HPA tanks like the SL2 is about 15 years.

How much does the Ninja SL2 air tank weigh?

The Ninja SL2 air tank weighs about 2 pounds with the regulator installed. When completely full, it will still weigh two pounds, because it’s just air–check out the rest of our products for more helpful information!

Is CO2 or compressed air/high-pressure air (HPA) better for paintball?

A general trend over the past several years has led most paintball markers to use HPA instead of CO2. The main reason for this is because of efficiency, uniform shots, and the reduced wear-and-tear on your solenoid and O-rings. CO2 undergoes rapid cooling when it escapes from the tank which can affect the bolt and other components in your paintball gun. Not only will this cause immediate freezing, but it can cause faster degradation. Frozen components in your gun will also cause the operating pressure to vary from shot to shot causing some shots to be less effective at high rates of fire. 

HPA, on the other hand, has less temperature volatility when the air escapes from the tank into the marker. This leads to overall more uniform shots, uniform pressure, and consistent wear on your marker. HPA does tend to cost a little bit more, however, the entire paintball industry is trending in that direction and it is a superior propulsion system.