Protoyz Speedster Loader


Designed for the cost-aware paintball player and park owner, the battery-operated Speedster Loader by Protoyz is the height of affordability, ease, and efficiency. Its user-friendly interface is highlighted by a tool-less construction, allowing for straightforward utilization and maintenance, aided by a glowing push-button power switch. Durability meets performance in the field with the Speedster, its sturdy shells crafted from Glass-Fibre-Reinforced Nylon (GRN), delivering a robust exterior without sacrificing efficient feed rates and energy consumption. The loader’s versatility is a standout feature, proficiently feeding both 68 cal and 50 cal paintballs with the inclusion of a 50 cal adapter.

Assembling and disassembling the resilient GRN shells is a hassle-free process requiring no tools, complemented by a secure, spring-loaded lid made from frosted polypropylene that operates smoothly in any weather condition. The internal mechanism adheres to the tool-free philosophy as well. The entire assembly is easily removable, facilitating quick insertion or replacement of the four AA batteries powering the unit. The encapsulated Light Barrier unit—immune to moisture and dirt—takes charge of paintball feed control. It senses the marker's firing, feeding paintballs as needed, and thus operates with remarkable energy efficiency, achieving feed rates exceeding 10bps.

Easily switch from .68 Cal to .50 Cal with the Speedster Loader. Insert the .50 Cal adapter into the Light Barrier unit, and it's set to accommodate .50 Cal paintballs, making it a versatile asset in your paintball gear. Maintenance of the Speedster Loader is notably straightforward due to its robust, tool-less construction, making it a breeze to dismantle, clean, and reassemble. In essence, for those in search of a powered paintball hopper that is easy to handle and maintain, the Speedster Loader is an unrivaled choice.

For a full review of the Protoyz Speedster Loader, take a look at our helpful YouTube test video below:

Protoyz Speedster Loader Features

  • Convertible from .68 to .50 cal (Adapter not included)
  • Tough GRN construction
  • Tooless assembly
  • Light barrier-supported feeding technology
  • Very low power consumption
  • Easy to clean
  • Large agitator paddle system
  • 10 bps feed rate
  • Anti-tamper on/off button for field use

Players Want to Know

Frequently asked questions by paintballers…

What is the Protoyz Speedster’s feed rate?

The feed rate for the Protoyz Speedster Loader is 10 balls per second (BPS). This is more than enough to send a wall of paint downrange at the other team.

How much does the Protoyz Speedster weigh?

The Protoyz Speedster weighs about 20 oz without batteries. The four AA batteries needed to run the loader will add extra weight. 

Is the Protoyz Speedster durable?

The Protoyz Speedster is built like a brick you-know-what house. The glass fiber reinforced nylon makes the Speedster incredibly durable which is one of the main reasons that many players prefer this loader. If you fall or drop your gun, you’re more likely to damage the ground/floor than you are to damage your Protoyz Speedster.