HK Army Pinokio Speed Loader


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If you are looking for a good quality and reliable hopper then look no further then the Pinokio Loader. The Pinokio loaders come stock with multiple nose cone attachments so you can hold anywhere from 250-400 rounds of paintballs. 

Not only does the Pinokio loader offer multiple carrying capacities, it also has one of the fastest feed rates in paintball. The electric Pinokio loaders are easily able to feed up to 30 balls per second and have a great battery life.


  • Holds 250 / 400 Rounds
  • Runs off (2) 9 volt batteries
  • Feeds 30 balls per second 
  • Interchangeable Pinokio nose 
  • Full flowing raceway paddle system 
  • Weight 16 oz with batteries installed
  • Will never jam