Freak XL 2.0 Stainless Steel Barrel Kit


Freak XL 2.0 Stainless Steel Barrel Kit

The Freak XL 2.0 Stainless Steel Barrel Kit is the next evolution in paintball barrel technology. Building on the legacy of the original Freak system, the Freak XL offers a longer 8-inch control bore, resulting in an average velocity increase of 6 feet per second compared to the original Freak. The inserts come in a complete range of sizes (.679 to .695) and are laser engraved for easy identification. With polished finishes and compatibility with GoG/Ion/Luxe or Autococker thread patterns, the Freak XL backs and fronts offer unique porting and styling options. The robust stainless steel construction ensures unmatched toughness and accuracy.

Invest in the Freak XL 2.0, and you're not just buying a barrel; you're investing in a legacy of excellence and innovation. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, this barrel kit is tailored to optimize your performance, reduce recoil, and offer a quieter sound signature. Elevate your game with the Freak XL 2.0 Stainless Steel Barrel Kit, and experience the difference that only Freak can make.

Each kit includes:

  • Freak XL 14" Front V2 - Polished Black
  • Freak XL Autococker Back V2 - Dust Black
  • 8pc Freak XL Boremaster Kit - Stainless Steel Inserts
  • Freak XL Barrel Case V2

Players Want to Know

Frequently asked questions from paintballers

What Do Barrel Inserts Do?

Barrel inserts play a vital role in adapting to various weather conditions in paintball, allowing for precise alignment with the paintball's diameter. Designed to be positioned within the barrel, they enable an exact match with the bore to correspond with the typically .67 size of a paintball. This size, however, can fluctuate with changes in ambient temperature, leading to either shrinking or expansion of the paintball. When a paintball shrinks, more air can escape around its sides as it moves down the barrel, rather than propelling it forward. By closing the space between the paintball and the barrel's internal bore, barrel inserts ensure a tight fit, enhancing velocity, range, and overall efficiency. For guidance on selecting the optimal barrel insert or barrel back for your paintball gun, please refer to our comprehensive guide below:

Does the Barrel Have Porting?

Yes. The XL Front V2 has spiral porting. Porting on a paintball barrel refers to the series of holes or slots near the end of the barrel that allow air to escape, serving several key functions. It reduces the sound of a shot by allowing the compressed air propelling the paintball to escape gradually, making the shot quieter. Porting also controls air efficiency by reducing turbulence as the paintball leaves the barrel, offering a more stable and consistent flight path, which can improve accuracy. The design and amount of porting can influence the velocity of the paintball, as more porting allows more air to escape, potentially reducing its speed. This must be carefully balanced to maintain efficiency and accuracy without sacrificing too much velocity.

What Advantages Do Stainless Steel Inserts Have?

The advantage of stainless steel is the strength that comes with the barrel and the barrel inserts. If you jump or dive, whether it’s speedball or woodsball, the Freak XL 2.0 Stainless Steel Barrel kit is a great option.