Field One AW Gear Backpack

Color: Black

The Field One AW Gear Backpack is the perfect solution to get all of your paintball gear to your pit or staging area no matter the conditions.  This small gear backpack offers BIG capability, giving you a weather resistant option to get a FULL paintball set up (+more!) to the pit while keeping you hands free and keeping your wheels out of the mud.

Weather resistant panels and cleverly designed shoulder straps allow for the AW Gear Backpack to be used as a duffle bag or backpack and will help to keep the water, mud and paint off your gear in tough conditions.  It also works as a great hands free gear carrier so you can drag pod bags and cases of paint with you in one efficient trip.


  • Separate "mud compartment" so you can keep dirty clothes and shoes away from your other gear and keep the interior of the gear backpack clean
  • Accessory pockets on the outside of the bag give you quick and easy access to necessities while on the go or in between points
  • A zippered padded panel pocket in the backpack lid is a great place to keep valuables protected from the elements- big enough to fit a tablet or paintball marker
  • Laser-cut "molle style" webbing on the top and bottom of the backpack gives the user endless options to accessorize
  • Side webbing pocket expands to accommodate virtually all paintball tank sizes or water bottles
  • Straps on the rear facing panel of the backpack help to secure a complete paintball marker set-up giving you the hands free capacity of other BIG bags on wheels
  • Durable inverted zippers for a clean exterior look and light colored interior fabric so you can easily locate small items inside the bag
  • Black All Weather panels with grey accents