Empire Mini GS w/ 2-Piece Barrel Beginner Speedball Package

$689.95 $769.95

Empire Mini GS w/ 2-Piece Barrel Beginner Speedball Package

The Empire Mini GS beginner speedball package was created for those players that want to spend more time on the field than they do tinkering. This amazing beginner package gets you a solid workhorse of a paintball marker and includes everything you need to be a force to be reckoned with on the field. The package includes the famous Empire Mini GS with a 2-piece barrel, the Ninja Lite 68/4500 HPA Tank, the Virtue VIO Ascend, and the Dye LT-R. If you want the best beginner speedball package on the market, look no further.

For a full video review of the beginner package, take a look at our helpful YouTube video:

Empire Mini GS

The Empire Mini GS advances the legacy of a renowned paintball marker. Empire's team has enhanced the already reliable Mini design. It now features a wrap-around rubber foregrip for better grip and protection, and an On/Off ASA for hassle-free tank removal. The updated design facilitates easy insertion of the Redline OLED board. The ASA and Foregrip connectors are also more robust. Expect the usual Mini features: hose-less design, Anti Chop Break Beam Eyes, Clamping Feedneck, and unmatched performance.

Ninja Lite 68/4500 HPA Tank

The Ninja Lite 68/4500 is a robust HPA tank that is among the lightest tanks in the paintball world. The Ninja Lite is DOT approved and averages a considerable 1350 shots per fill. This tank makes a great pair with the Empire Mini GS, especially given the marker’s efficiency. To see just how efficient the Empire Mini GS is, take a look at our efficiency test YouTube video below:

Virtue VIO Ascend

The VIO Ascend is a trusted paintball mask offering high-end features without the premium price. Made of a single plastic piece, it's durable yet flexible and comfortable. Despite its affordability, the Ascend boasts quick-change lenses adaptable to weather, fog-resistance for clear visibility, and scratch-resistant lenses ideal for all paintball scenarios. It's low-profile to minimize ball breaks, though players might want a cap for top head protection. The mask comes with protective ear pads, easily replaceable when needed.

Dye LT-R

The LT-R is one of Dye’s best selling loaders and works well with the Empire Mini GS. It combines Dye’s renowned loader technology, offering exceptional feed rates and reliability. Designed for all players, the LT-R delivers top-tier performance at an unbeatable price. The Dye Rotor platform, with its patented technology, ensures smooth and rapid feeding, thanks to the LT-R's feed carousel and Rotor center arm's opposing rotation.

The LT-R boasts a toolless design, a 200-ball capacity, and a patented spring-loaded tray to guide paint into your marker. It features adjustable tension, an anti-jam release, and allows seamless swapping between its lid and the Dye Quick Feeds. Remarkably, 3 AA batteries power the LT-R for over 80,000 shots. Various upgrades like color kits and high-capacity tops are available.