Dye i4 - Black


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The Dye i4 goggle is one of the classic goggles in the paintball industry. Despite how long it has been on the market, the i4 is still one of the best selling masks in the world. The sleek design and low profile, when compared to other newer and bulkier masks, makes the i4 a favorite mask for the paintball minimalist. In fact, the Dye i4 has even become a favorite among mil-sim, first strike, and airsoft players because of how sleek and low-profile it is. The design of the goggles means that players can actually use optics to aim their shots which would otherwise be impossible when using a larger set of goggles. Despite the low-profile design of the i4 goggles, they still offer an industry-leading field of view. The i4’s thermal lenses give an unparalleled view of the field in both field of view and clarity with the lens and are perfect for any paintball player.


  • Anti-Fog Thermal Lens
  • Rapid Lens Change
  • Horizon Peripheral Vision
  • Scream Venting
  • Anatomic Fit & Function
  • Tiger Teeth Strap Retention
  • Compression Formed Ears

Players Want to Know

Frequently asked questions by paintball players…

How Does the Dye i4 Compare to the i5?

The i4 and the i5 are very similar goggles, however the i5 was developed for players looking for a bit more protection on the field and for bigger players. Aesthetically, the i4 and the i5 are nearly the same. However, there are some crucial differences that players should be aware of before purchasing one or the other. 

The i5 is more expensive than the i4 at an average of $225. For the extra money, players can expect an improved ratchet head strap as opposed to the i4’s elastic head strap. The i5 also has replaceable foam around the eyes rather than fixed foam like in the i4. However, in our experience, it is much easier to change lenses in the i4 rather than the i5 even though the i5 is newer. Changing the lens in an i4 is as simple as flipping a few switches. 

Are Dye Lenses Interchangeable?

Yes. Dye i4, i4 Pro, and i5 lenses are all interchangeable even though they are technically different models. If you have an i5 or and i4 Pro and are thinking of buying an i4, you don’t have to worry about purchasing extra lenses. 

How Streamlined Is the i4?

The i4 is one of the most minimalist masks ever made in paintball. This mask is perfect for avoiding getting hit and improving maneuverability. However, expect it to cover only the most sensitive parts of your face–eyes, mouth, nose and surrounding areas.

Can I Use the Dye i4 for Airsoft?

Yes, if you’re looking for adequate protection in both sports, the Dye i4 mask is a great option and will protect you in airsoft and paintball.