DLX Luxe TM40 Limited Edition

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DLX Luxe TM40 Limited Edition

The DLX Luxe TM40 is one of the best flagship markers on the market today. The limited edition goes beyond the traditional DLX Luxe TM40 with breathtaking aesthetic finishes that show off the hidden ferocity of the Luxe TM40. For a full review of the DLX Luxe TM40, take a look at our helpful youtube video: 

TM40 Bolt System

The Luxe TM40 bolt system represents the next evolutionary step in the divorced spool design concept. By refining flow paths, increasing overall volume, and leveraging advanced machining techniques, it stands in a class of its own. Building on the World Cup-winning success of the Luxe X core, the latest Luxe bolt system delivers greater efficiency, lower operating pressure, reduced recoil, and a softer sound signature. It accomplishes this by optimizing flow and terminal air delivery, enhancing the performance of previous-generation cores. With a 77ci/4500 psi air tank, it can provide 1800 shots at 110 psi and 300fps. Extensive testing and feedback from top players like Ryan Moorhead of Houston Heat have fine-tuned the shot feel of the Luxe TM40 core, ensuring a crisp and confidence-inspiring experience with minimal recoil in any firing mode or environmental condition. 

As the first mechanical-capable Luxe, the TM40 expands the Luxe platform's capabilities, bringing the best paintball marker in tournament paintball to a new arena. Additionally, it retains the renowned ICE-Coating technology, known for its high durability and self-lubricating properties. The ICE Friction System ensures minimal friction and maintenance, while the extreme hardness of the ICE coating protects against scratches and debris damage.

TM40 Frame

The Luxe TM40 features the Pro-Lock frame, allowing tool-free removal and replacement of the grip-frame. The durable locking system sets a high industry standard for maintenance ease. With a front and rear latch mechanism, the frame offers secure attachment, resistance to twisting, and quick removal without tools. Fail-safe vents prevent accidental removal while gassed up. The Pro-Lock frame is trusted by top teams and is rebuildable. The Luxe TM40 also has a tool-less solenoid manifold for easy mechanical conversion. The highly adjustable Luxe trigger uses a single screw and sealed roller bearings for simple adjustment and removal without frame removal.

TM40 Electronics

The Luxe TM40 excels in its intuitive and durable electronics system. With features such as voice prompts and an OLED screen, navigation and adjustments are effortless. The control board sets a high standard, offering remarkable battery life, USB-C software updates, and a well-designed layout. The Flex-Pwr battery system provides versatility in charging options and significantly increased capacity. The Inteli-connect system ensures seamless connectivity with gold-plated contacts and easy alignment. The marker's major electronic components are easily replaceable, and access to the board is simplified. The TM40's electronics are designed for convenience, allowing for easy cleaning and software updates via USB-C connection, which are provided free of charge.