Virtue Spire IR2


Virtue is almost universally regarded as an industry leader in paintball electronics and aftermarket upgrades. As such, many players have come to rely on the quality of Virtue products, especially their loaders. The Virtue Spire IR2 is the latest in a long line of high-performance loaders. 

The Spire IR2 comes packed with new features that players have requested like programmability and toolless maintenance. The loader is built with a low-profile design which keeps it low to the maker's body and gives the player a clear field of view for accurate shot placement. The loader’s capacity is also on-par with other popular loaders so players won’t have to adjust to carrying more or fewer paintballs.

One of the most attractive features of the IR2 is the upgraded drive system which was designed to be more reliable and agile than the previous models and includes a “jam-proof” design. Virtue achieved a jam-proof model through a combination of factors, including its shape, materials, and how it feeds paintballs. Finally, the assembly is totally toolless which allows for quick and easy cleaning and maintenance.

Players have mentioned that the Virtue Spire IR2 works well, even in the rain. The paintballs don’t jam and the IR2 comes with a speed feeder as well as a ramp which many believe are the two most important accessories.

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What is the difference between Virtue Spire IR and IR2?

The IR2 is a major upgrade over the original IR, and players are noticing. The original Spire IR used the same plastic housing as the original Virtue Spire. This lack of improvements was noticed by players. However, the IR2 has a new housing that is more durable. Additionally, the IR2 is very easy to take apart unlike the original IR. There’s a little tab to flip on the back on the back of the loader for disassembly which is much quicker than the Spire IR.

How much does the Virtue Spire IR2 weigh?

The Spire IR2 is very lightweight to minimize the load that players must carry around on the field. The Virtue Spire IR2 weighs approximately 14 ounces without batteries making it one of the most lightweight loaders on the market.

How many paintballs does a Spire IR2 hold?

The Spire IR2 holds approximately 260 paintballs allowing players to carry more paint in comparison to earlier Virtue Spire generations.

How do you program a spire IR?

Programming your Virtue Spire IR2 is very easy. First, hold down the LED button on the back of the loader. While holding it down, press the power button and then release the LED button. The LED will begin flashing and then turn purple, showing that you’re in programming mode. Once in programming mode, different features will correspond to different colors that appear on the button. Once in that feature’s mode, you can push once to turn on or push twice to turn off. The Virtue Spire IR2 has different features such as loader sounds, blinking LEDs, standby mode, Gforce sensitivity, and drive force sensitivity.