Dye UL-S Barrel Back


DYE Barrels established a benchmark for precision and excellence about a quarter of a century ago and maintain that standard to this day. DYE's latest UL-S Barrel back offers enhanced control and pinpoint accuracy, thanks to its extended 7-inch control bore. The UL-S control back incorporates multi-stage precision honing, representing the pinnacle of accuracy in the paintball industry, reducing ball spin and increasing accuracy. The two-piece construction self-aligns, guaranteeing a perfectly aligned assembly between the control bore and the steady port tip. This amalgamation of meticulously crafted parts delivers an exceptionally quiet shot, unparalleled accuracy, and peak performance. The DYE Ultralight Barrel System is engineered to allow users to conveniently adjust both barrel length and bore size to fit their performance requirements.


  • 8” barrel back
  • 7" control bore
  • 5.7 grams lighter than standard UL back
  • Autococker Quick threads
  • Compatible with all DYE barrel tips
  • Bore sizes: .678", .680", .682", .684", .686" & .688"

If you select the RAW UN-ANODIZED color option you must get it anodized before use. It is perfect for someone who is building their dream gun and wants a completely custom barrel!

For a full review of the Dye UL-S Barrel (and barrel back) take a look at our helpful YouTube video below: