Autococker Paintball Guns

Autococker Paintball Guns

Autococker paintball guns are about as deep as you can go down the paintball rabbit hole. For as much as they are markers, they’re also beautifully machined pieces of engineering that have attracted the attention of paintballers across the world. Paintball players love tinkering with autococker paintball guns and fortunately, Lone Wolf Paintball has all of the parts you need to modify and tweak your paintball gun until you’re satisfied with every little detail.

Three Ways

Three-way exchanges help regulate the pressure from the expanding gas so that just the right amount of pressure is applied to the rod. The Shocktech Bomb II 3-Way is a great option and adds a third o-ring which helps reduce the amount of time it takes for the marker to cycle. The Dye DFF-20 3-Way was a mutual collaboration between Dye and Freeflow technology and is another great 3-way option.

Rods & Rams

Rods and rams are crucial components to the timing and function of different autocockers. Shocktech is one of the foremost manufacturers of these parts and makes them specifically for autocockers. The Shocktech Ram, the Shocktech Long Timing Rod w/ Coupler, and the Shocktech Cocking Rod Assembly are all great options.


Having the right regulator is essential for achieving the accuracy that autocockers are known for. Choosing a low-pressure regulator is often the best option to keep paint breakage to a minimum as well as to maximize air efficiency. The Shocktech FGP Low-Pressure Regulator is a great option. Dye also makes two excellent low-pressure regulators–the Dye DFF-20 Low Pressure Regulator and the Dye DFF-20 Hyper Regulator.

Players Want to know

Frequently asked questions by paintballers…

What is an autococker paintball gun?

An autococker paintball gun is a totally analog semi-automatic paintball gun. All of the moving parts are pneumatic and re-use the gasses that escape after the paintball is fired. Autococker paintball guns are finely tuned and many professional paintballers love to tinker with them to get the timing exactly right. One of the main reasons that autocockers have become so popular is because of their unparalleled accuracy. While they are semi-automatic, they are famously accurate for a paintball gun and are therefore popular with snipers and sharpshooters. 

How do autococker paintball guns work?

A paintball gun works by recycling the excess gas from each shot. A sort of regulator captures the gas and uses it to compress a piston and move the rod backward. This rod is attached to the bolt, and as the rod travels backward, the bolt travels with it, automatically cocking the marker. For a more in-depth understanding of how autococker paintball guns work, we interviewed one of the pioneers of the autococker–Cesare Pizzo–to get his take on how an autococker works. Take a look at our YouTube video below to see the whole interview:

How an Autococker Works with Cesare Pizzo, Supercocker & Cold Fusion Creator

How do I maintain an autococker paintball gun?

Maintaining an autococker paintball gun is for advanced paintballers who have a bit of a fascination with engineering. A text explanation would be much too long which is why we made a YouTube video with Cesare Pizzo to explain the basics of maintaining an autococker. Take a look at our video explanation below:

Basic Autococker Maintenance w/ Cesare Pizzo