Adrenaline F-16 Bolt System - Luxe TM40 / Luxe X / Shocker AMP


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The Adrenaline F-16 bolt system designed for the Adrenaline Luxe. It is also compatible with the new stock Luxe TM40, Luxe X and Shocker Amps.  Includes the hybrid face Adrenaline bolt designed to place the ball directly under the feed stack and the Adrenaline bolt can. Both the bolt and the bolt can are anodized then dry lubricant coated in Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) that was invented upon a request by NASA for as a low-friction, durable dry lubricant for use in outer space. The company that invented it and does it for NASA is who we use as well.  The system was completed after 15 failed attempts in both bolt face design and coating concepts (hence the formula 16 nickname).