Guide to Buying Your 1st Speedball Paintball Gun

Guide to Buying Your 1st Speedball Paintball Gun

Getting into paintball can seem a bit like a black hole that keeps sucking you in. The first day you played paintball was almost certainly a combination of pain, exhilaration, and thrilling fun. Despite the pain, many people decide to go back and rent again, borrow a friend’s old paintball gun, or maybe even buy their own paintball setup. However, once you’ve had several games under your belt (or maybe even a season or two), it’s time to start your journey as a full-fledged paintballer and buy your first speedball gun.

Things to Consider

When you start thinking about your first speedball marker, you may be wondering about barrel length, portability, on/off ASAs, and much more. Many people are also (reasonably) hesitant to go in and spend thousands of dollars on a professional set up. With all of this in mind, we’ll be taking a look at the most popular beginner speedball markers on the market right now–the Empire Mini GS, Dye Rize CZR, Empire Axe 2.0, and the Planet Eclipse Etha 3.

Rate of Fire

The first thing to think about when buying your first speedball paintball gun is whether or not its rate of fire can keep up with the rest of the markers on the field. Paintball is a sport that’s as much about the quality of the shot as it is the quantity of the shots you can put downrange. 

The Empire Mini GS is electric and fully programmable meaning that it can keep up with other more advanced markers on the field. 

The Dye Rize CZR is also fully electric and fully programmable and has a number of different firing modes for different scenarios. 

The Empire AXE2.0 as well as the Planet Eclipse Etha 3 can also keep up with the average of 10.5 balls per second.

Ease of Maintenance

Some paintball markers require more tools and more technical ability to maintain than other paintball markers. 

The Empire Mini GS is fairly easy to maintain and only requires one screw to be loosened to access the bolt.

The Dye Rize CZR is also fairly straightforward. Players will need a simple allen wrench to access the bolt. In spite of the easy maintenance, some players are turned off by the external air line which many markers have ditched now. 

The Empire X 2.0 is very easy to maintain and actually has a toolless design. All you need to do is depress the push button and rotate the bolt’s face plate to remove the bolt. 

The Etha 3 is probably the easiest of all the markers to maintain. To maintain the bolt plate simply lift up on the back of the marker and the gamma core bolt will slide right out. 


All of the paintball makers here come with a two-piece barrel and they all have autococker threads. A solid barrel is important for obvious reasons–the better your barrel is, the more accurate your shots will be. We do recommend looking at two things before upgrading your barrel. First make sure you have a loader or a hopper that can keep up with the rate of fire as well as a high quality air tank. The barrels on all of the markers we’re looking at have solid 14 - 15 inch barrels and can receive an upgraded barrel kit down the road. 


Next, many players will want to consider the feedneck to make sure that it’s easy to tighten. The Empire Mini GS does require an allen wrench but it does have a locking lever clamp on the side. The Dye Rize CZR is very similar to the GS and also requires an allen wrench and comes with a flip lever to make sure that the hopper doesn’t fall off on the field. The Axe 2.0 as well as the Etha 3 have a thumbwheel which can be expected for a higher-end beginner speedball gun. This toolless design, when combined with the lock lever, is a great option. 


Ergonomics is very important to help minimize the size of the target that you’re presenting to the other team. The Empire Mini GS is known as the beginner speedball gun and is very compact. Given its size, it’s frequently regarded as one of the better first speedball paintball guns. 

The Dye Rize CZR is larger than the Mini GS but feels very comfortable in the hand with its hourglass grip. It also has more space for your hands and fingers if you’re a bigger paintballer. The Axe 2.0 is very similar to the Mini GS since it is just a larger version so ergonomically, simply expect a larger version of the Mini GS. Finally, the Etha 3 has a lot of room to work with so if you’re a bigger guy, this might be a great option for you.


Another thing that players buying their first paintball guns should consider is the upgradability of each marker. Each marker has different parts which can be upgraded such as the Redline board on the Mini GS and the Axe 2.0. Some of the other markers have body mods that can also be purchased, different ball detents, upgraded bolt tips, and more.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of different considerations when purchasing your first speedball paintball gun and your other accessories. Above all, make sure that you give yourself some room to grow and upgrade your paintball gun before you end up purchasing a professional paintball gun. Being able to upgrade different parts of the marker and accessories will help you develop your own playing style and preferences. That way, when you’re ready for a professional paintball marker, you know exactly what to look for. 

Whether you’re looking for your first speedball paintball gun or any other paintball outfitting, head on over to our online paintball store. At Lone Wolf Paintball, we have the best selection of markers and accessories you’ll find anywhere. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable team who will point you in the right direction. 

Happy paintballing!

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How to Walk the Trigger on a Paintball Gun

How to Walk the Trigger on a Paintball Gun

Walking the trigger is one of the most important skills that you can learn in the entire game of paintball. While it might just look like you’re wiggling your index and middle finger back and forth, this skill takes months if not years of practice to develop in order to reach high rates of fire. In this article, we’ll take a look at exactly how you can start learning to walk the trigger today. Additionally, take a look at our comprehensive YouTube video explanation of how to start walking the trigger: 

Practicing Walking the Trigger

The single best thing that you can do to learn how to walk the trigger and improve your speed is simply practice. This doesn’t mean that you need to go out and spend thousands of dollars on paintballs in order to practice. In fact, there’s an easy way to learn that costs you essentially no additional money (other than what you already spent on your marker). If you’re ever bored or just sitting around watching TV, simply grab your marker and without turning it on, just begin walking the trigger on your paintball marker. It’s as simple as that! With time, you will eventually get faster and be able to send more balls per second (BPS) down range.

Different Shooting Modes

When you “ramp” with NXL firing, the onboard electronics will automatically kick the rate of fire up to about 10 balls per second as long as you can pull the trigger more than about 3 times per second. This sounds fast, but it is actually doable for most beginner paintballers even without walking the trigger.

Using the semi-automatic firing feature on your marker is where walking really becomes important. Remember that semi-automatic simply means that for every pull of the trigger, one paintball is released.

Final Thoughts

Depending on your trigger, your paintball marker, and the rules of the game you’re playing, you may not even need to learn how to walk the trigger. However, it is still a great idea to learn how to walk the trigger since many players can reach higher rates of fire by walking rather than ramping. If you’re looking for the best selection of paintball triggers and paintball markers on the market, head on over to Lone Wolf Paintball’s online paintball store. You’ll get the best selection of paintball equipment anywhere to help outfit you for your next paintball match. If you have any questions about any of our products, please reach out to our knowledgeable sales team who will be happy to answer any of your questions. Happy paintballing!

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How to Practice Paintball to Improve

How to Practice Paintball to Improve

Paintball is a thrilling sport that perfectly blends competitive edge with the fun of recreational gameplay. It's an arena where strategy meets physical challenge, appealing to those who relish the adrenaline rush of dodging and diving behind barriers, all while plotting the next move. Whether it’s a structured match on a professional field or a spontaneous game in the woods, paintball tests your strategic thinking and agility.

But to truly excel in paintball, playing sporadically isn't enough. Serious improvement requires focused practice. It’s about more than just honing your shooting skills; effective practice helps sharpen your reflexes, improve your stealth tactics, and ensures your in-game communication is crisp and clear. Whether you're aiming to dominate at local events or you're prepping for bigger league challenges, these actionable tips will help elevate your game.

For a solid communication drill, take a look at our YouTube explanation below:

Understanding the Basics of Paintball

Before you can truly excel in paintball, it's crucial to get a solid grasp of the essentials. This includes everything from the gear you'll need to strap on to the rules that keep the game flowing smoothly. Let's break down these basics to help you get started on the right foot.

Paintball Equipment and Gear Essentials

When it comes to equipment, the primary piece is, of course, the paintball marker, commonly referred to as a "paintball gun." But that’s just the start. You’ll also need:

Goggles: A vital piece of safety equipment that protects your face and eyes.

Hopper: This attaches to your marker and holds the paintballs.

Air tank: Usually either CO2 or compressed air, this powers your marker.

Pods and Pod Packs: For carrying extra paintballs during longer games.

Protective clothing: Padded clothing can absorb some of the impacts and prevent bruises.

It's important to choose gear that's comfortable and suits the type of games you’ll be playing. Make sure everything fits properly and is maintained well to ensure safety and reliability.

Rules of the Game

The rules of paintball can significantly vary based on the game format. Common objectives include capturing a flag or eliminating all opponents. Players are considered out when struck by a paintball that breaks upon impact, and the game continues until all objectives are achieved or all team members are eliminated. Safety is another important consideration–masks must always be worn on the field, markers must have a barrel block when not in active use, and firing speeds are regulated to ensure the game is safe and fair for everyone involved. A thorough understanding of these rules is crucial not only for playing but also for ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Basic Skills Every Paintball Player Should Master

To lay a solid foundation in paintball, there are essential skills every player should focus on developing. Accurate shooting is fundamental—being able to reliably hit targets can dramatically change the course of a game. Mastering cover and movement is also vital like understanding how to strategically use terrain allows players to move swiftly and safely, gaining advantages over opponents. Effective communication with teammates can also make a significant difference, often turning the tide toward victory or defeat. These basics act as a crucial launching pad for any aspiring paintball enthusiast.

Developing Individual Skills

As you progress in paintball, honing individual skills becomes crucial to your growth as a player. Here's how you can refine key areas such as marksmanship, movement, and stealth to elevate your game.

Marksmanship and Accuracy

The cornerstone of effective paintball play is marksmanship. Improving your shooting accuracy involves regular practice with targeted exercises. Setting up various targets at different distances and angles can help simulate real-game scenarios, allowing you to practice under diverse conditions. To better simulate the intensity of a real match, consider doing a 30-second sprint or pushups to failure before shooting your paintball marker. This will simulate the fatigue and adrenaline you would experience in a real paintball match.

Movement and Agility

In paintball, agility and speed often determine your survivability on the field. Consider incorporating sprints, obstacle courses, and agility ladders into your training routine to improve your quickness and footwork. Using the terrain to your advantage is also key; learn how to move effectively through different environments, whether it's darting between bunkers in a speedball field or navigating natural cover in woodsball. Practice moving quickly yet quietly to maintain an element of surprise.

Stealth and Camouflage

Stealth plays a pivotal role in paintball, especially in larger or more complex game formats. Mastering techniques to move silently can drastically increase your effectiveness by allowing you to approach opponents undetected. Focus on softening your footsteps, using low crouches, and moving slowly when near opponents. Additionally, choosing the right gear for camouflage can make you harder to spot. Select clothing and gear that match the playing environment’s color and texture, helping you blend in with your surroundings and evade detection.

By focusing on these individual skills, you not only improve your personal performance but also contribute more effectively to your team’s success. Each skill—precision in shooting, agility in movement, or mastery of stealth—can turn the tide of a game!

Final Thoughts

Practicing your paintball skills is really only half of the battle. The other half is making sure that you have the best equipment whenever you step on the field. For the best selection of paintball equipment, head over to our online paintball store and send us a quick message if you have any questions about which equipment is best for you. Also take a look at our helpful YouTube video below for some pro paintball tips with Kevin Kali Rudulph. Happy paintballing!

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How To Aim a Paintball Gun

How To Aim a Paintball Gun

Aiming a paintball gun is potentially the most important part of playing paintball–if you can’t hit the broadside of a barn, then you could be more of a liability than an asset for your team. However, when it comes to aiming your paintball gun, how you hold your gun, where you stand, and your ability to shoot the gun with both hands all play a role in your accuracy and effectiveness. Here are some tips on how to best shoot your paintball gun for maximum accuracy and effectiveness.

How to Hold the Paintball Gun

The first thing to think about when aiming your paintball gun is how you hold the paintball gun. The first thing is deciding where you want to put the air tank. Some players tuck the tank into their shoulders while other players tuck the tanks below their arms in their armpits. Some newer players rest the tank on top of their shoulders; however, this is generally not a great strategy. We recommend experimenting with putting the tank in your shoulder or below your arm, to begin with.

The reason that we recommend this placement is to help minimize the target that you present to the players on the opposite team. In the same vein as minimizing the target, wherever you decide to put the air tank, you should keep your elbow tucked down and in as much as possible. This may put your wrist and shooting hand at an awkward angle. 

However, you will still be able to shoot while minimizing the area of your body that can be hit by an opponent’s paintball. Some newbies, in the interest of eliminating the entire target, will try and shoot the paintball gun sideways. This will work for a shot or two, however after that, the paintball gun will fail to load since almost all paintball guns are gravity-fed.

When it comes to actually shooting, you may have to train with both your right and left hand. Most people are right-hand dominant, which works when you’re shooting from the right side of the bunker. However, when you’re shooting from the left side of the bunker, you’ll need to switch shoulders and hands so that you don’t present 70% of your body to the other team. 

This same principle applies on the opposite side for left-hand dominant players. It can be awkward to try and shoot with your non-dominant side, however, with enough practice you’ll become proficient and this will drastically reduce your chances of getting hit.

How to Find Cover and Cut Angles

A discussion about how to aim your paintball gun would be incomplete without touching on how to stay covered and cut angles. Many newbie players will jump out from behind the bunker and expose their entire bodies. This is a great way to get hit by a player who’s waiting for you to make just this sort of mistake. 

To keep as much of your body covered as possible, you’ll want to try and cut angles by presenting the tip of your marker first and hiding the rest of your body behind the bunker (legs included) to reduce the likelihood of getting marked. To do this, slowly advance around the edge of the bunker, making sure that you keep your legs covered and only reveal your marker and the outer edge of your goggles. This will still allow you to see opponents and shoot at them while minimizing the target.

How to Aim Your Paintball Gun

Finally, now that we’ve discussed movement, cover, and cutting angles, we can discuss how to actually aim your paintball gun. The first thing that you’ll notice about your paintball gun is that there are no optics or iron sights for you to use when aiming your paintball gun. You will also notice that your line of sight when looking along the top of the paintball gun is obstructed by the feedneck.

When shooting your paintball gun, in the absence of any aiming mechanism, you’ll want to make sure that the back of the barrel is parallel with the front of the barrel. This means that you should be able to see down the entire barrel as if it were a flat plane. The muzzle shouldn’t be elevated or your shots will go high. In the same way, the muzzle shouldn’t be below the rest of the barrel or your shots will go low. Anyone who has fired a shotgun with a bead sight will find that very similar principles apply when shooting a paintball gun. 

Next, instead of looking down the top part of the barrel, you will need to look down the side of the barrel given that the loader’s feedneck is in the way. If you’re shooting a right-hand dominant stance, you’ll want to be looking down the barrel at approximately a 2 o’clock position. If you’re shooting in a left-hand dominant position, you will want to be looking down the barrel at approximately the 10 o’clock position.

Final Thoughts

Aiming a paintball gun takes a few minutes to learn and a lifetime to perfect. The best way to learn as quickly and effectively as possible is to get on the paintball field and start throwing paint down range. For the best selection of paintball equipment, head over to our online paintball store and send us a quick message if you have any questions about which equipment is best for you. Happy paintballing!

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Top 5 Chest Protectors for Paintball

Top 5 Chest Protectors for Paintball

Paintball chest protectors are essential protective gear designed to shield your torso with added padding and reinforcement. They not only defend against paintball hits but also protect your chest and upper abdomen from falls, scratches, and other mishaps during the game. Typically made from high-impact foam, gel, or similar cushioning materials, these protectors are combined with lightweight fabric to prevent unnecessary bulk. Many paintball enthusiasts consider chest protectors invaluable, as they have prevented numerous inuries from falls, impacts, and abrasions. We strongly recommend using chest protectors to reduce the risk of injury while playing paintball. Take a look at our list of the top chest protectors for paintball players.

For a comprehensive review of chest protector performance (and to see a Lone Wolf team member take a shot in the nads), check out the video below!

HK Army Crash Chest Protector

The HK Army Crash Chest Protector is crafted for high-impact performance, emphasizing comfort and flexibility. It boasts a contoured, dual-layered pad system that absorbs shocks and reduces impact. Constructed from durable, lightweight materials, it ensures fluid mobility and breathability. The 4-way stretch inner lining enhances coverage and acts as a cooling agent. Key features include high-impact padding, enhanced comfort and durability, custom HK Army trim, and flexible lycra side panels for improved mobility and fit.

Carbon SC Pro Top

The Carbon SC Pro Top is a lightweight compression protective top is crafted as an upper body layer for active use, made from a technical blend of 85% polyester and 15% spandex to enhance breathability and range of motion. The long-sleeve shirt is designed to stay in place and provide precise protection while cooling the body during intense activities. It features built-in dual-layer elbow pads and gauntlet-style thumb/wrist loops. Key features include 4-way stretch fabric for a natural range of motion, an extended relaxed fit torso for added comfort, and gauntlet-style thumb loops to minimize movement. The shirt employs flat lock stitching to reduce irritation, a low-profile compression fit for a minimalist design, and moisture-wicking, quick-dry material to keep the wearer dry and cool, which also dries quickly after use.

Dye Performance Top

The new Dye Performance Top features compression-formed responsive air foam for optimal protection without sacrificing performance or range of motion. It incorporates moisture-wicking fabric to regulate body temperature during intense play. Additional features include side vented gussets, upper chest mesh, and Coolmax for superior climate comfort.

Bunkerkings Fly Padded Compression Wear is made from four-way, moisture-wicking stretch fabric that offers protection and mobility during dives, crawling, and impacts. Its lightweight Air Hex pad technology eliminates the bulk of traditional pads, allowing unrestricted movement. The Variable Air Hex Technology ensures the pads remain lightweight, breathable, and flexible, providing natural movement and protection in impact zones. The Air Hex layers vary in thickness from 6 to 8mm, depending on the protection needed for different zones.

BunkerKings Fly Sleeveless Compression Top

The Bunkerkings Fly Sleeveless Compression Top is made from four-way, moisture-wicking stretch fabric that offers both protection and flexibility during dives, crawling, and impacts. The lightweight Air Hex pad technology eliminates bulk, allowing unrestricted movement. Variable Air Hex Technology ensures the pads remain lightweight, breathable, and flexible, with thickness varying from 6 to 8mm depending on the impact zone. These pads are designed to protect from impacts and dives without hindering natural movement, ideal for players who want the benefits of pads without the bulk.

The light compression fit makes Fly pads the lightest on the market, providing a snug but comfortable fit that’s easy to wear and transport. Moisture-wicking skin savers, constructed from smooth lycra, quickly move sweat to the outer surface, keeping you dry and cool. This design prevents irritation and discomfort, allowing all-day wear without pain from binding and pinching.

HK Army CTX Armored Compression Shirt

The HK Army CTX Armored Compression Shirt offers targeted padding for protection, featuring Dual Fusion Hex Padding that contours the arms for maximum impact protection during dives, crawling, or being shot. Lightweight mesh zones along the ribs and back keep you cool, while a robust Exoskin layer in key high-impact areas prevents wear and tear. The shirt also includes a half glove with gripping cells to ensure the sleeve stays in place.

Wrapping Up

Aficionados of both speedball and woodsball would greatly benefit from the use of a chest protector whenever they’re playing paintball. Not only do they help cushion the impacts from paintballs, they also help protect you from falls and other injuries. For the best selection of chest protectors, take a look at Lone Wolf Paintball’s online store for the best selection of protective paintball equipment anywhere. Happy paintballing!

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Paintball CO2 Tanks: A Lone Wolf Review

Paintball CO2 Tanks: A Lone Wolf Review

CO2 tanks are a throwback to the early days of paintball and while many of the flagship markers are now using high-pressure air, CO2 is still a common propellant among entry-level markers. Surprisingly enough, there are a number of different markers that still use CO2–everything from regular paintball markers to paintball pistols and beyond into airsoft. Today we’ll take a look at all of the different CO2 tanks available for players to use.

Why Use CO2?

Entry-level markers like the Tippmann A-5 still use CO2 for a bunch of good reasons. First off, CO2 tanks are usually cheaper than high-pressure air (HPA) systems, which is great for beginners just starting out in the sport. The Tippmann A-5, known for being super reliable and easy to use, works really well with CO2. This marker is tough and can handle the temperature changes that come with using CO2, so new players get consistent performance without a hitch.

Milsim (military simulation) paintball markers like the Tippmann Cronus Tactical often stick with CO2 too. These markers are designed to mimic real firearms, giving players a more authentic experience. CO2 is popular here because it provides a consistent and realistic recoil, making the game feel even more immersive. Plus, CO2 tanks are compact, fitting right in with the tactical and streamlined setups that milsim players love.

CO2 paintball pistols have become a big hit with milsim paintballers as a handy sidearm. These pistols are small, easy to carry, and quick to reload. The 12-gram CO2 cartridges they use are super convenient and lightweight, making them perfect for players who need a reliable backup weapon. The rise in popularity of CO2 paintball pistols comes from players wanting more versatile and realistic gear for close-quarters battles and as a secondary weapon option.

Different Types of CO2 Containers

When it comes to CO2 containers, there are a few different options to choose from depending on your marker and style of play.

The traditional 20oz and 24oz CO2 tanks are the most common and widely used in paintball. These tanks are perfect for players who need a lot of gas to get through a long game without having to refill. They're great for standard markers and provide plenty of shots per fill. The 20oz size strikes a good balance between capacity and weight, making it a solid choice for most players.

For those who prefer something a bit more compact, the 12oz CO2 tanks are a fantastic option. These smaller tanks often fit into the stock of some milsim markers, which keeps the setup looking sleek and tactical. They’re lighter and easier to handle, making them a favorite for players who value mobility and want to stay nimble on the field. While they don’t last as long as the 20oz tanks, they’re perfect for shorter games or for players with better aim!

Then there are the 12g CO2 cartridges, which are most frequently used with paintball pistols. These tiny powerhouses are incredibly convenient and lightweight, making them ideal for sidearms. Just pop one into your pistol or magazine (depending on your paintball pistol), and you’re good to go. They’re easy to carry around, so you can bring a bunch with you and reload quickly during a game. These cartridges are perfect for close-quarters combat and for players who like having a secondary weapon at the ready.

Paintball Tanks

There are currently several different options for paintball tanks on the market.

GI Sportz / Tippmann 24 OZ CO2 Tank

The GI Sportz 24-ounce CO2 tank is perfect for players of all skill levels. With its Pure Energy Technology, this tank guarantees a consistent recharge rate, ensuring you get maximum shooting efficiency every time. It has a 24-ounce capacity and is crafted from lightweight, DOT and TC-certified aluminum, proudly made in the USA. The tank features a dependable Pure Energy Repeater Style Pin Valve, installed by qualified technicians to meet or exceed all industry standards. Plus, it comes with a five-year retest cycle and all its components comply with ASTM, DOT, TC, or CGA standards.

HK Army 20 OZ CO2 Tank

The HK Army 20 OZ CO2 tank is designed for paintball markers that accept CO2. These tanks feature a durable aluminum construction and come equipped with a pin valve and high-pressure burst disc. They have a 20-ounce capacity and sport a stylish HK Army screen-printed graphic, making them both functional and visually appealing.

GI Sportz / Tippmann 20 OZ CO2 Tank

The GI Sportz / Tippmann 20 OZ CO2 Tank is perfect for players at any level. Utilizing Pure Energy Technology, the tank ensures a consistent recharge rate for optimal shooting efficiency. The tank has a 20-ounce capacity and is made from lightweight, DOT and TC-certified aluminum, proudly manufactured in the USA. It features a reliable Pure Energy Repeater Style Pin Valve, installed by qualified technicians to meet or exceed industry standards. It also offers a five-year retest cycle, and all components comply with ASTM, DOT, TC, or CGA standards.

GI Sportz / Tippmann 12 OZ CO2 Tank

The GI Sportz / Tippmann 12 OZ CO2 Tank is ideal for players of all levels. With Pure Energy Technology, it ensures a consistent recharge rate for maximum shooting efficiency. The tank has a 12-ounce capacity and is crafted from lightweight, DOT and TC-certified aluminum, proudly made in the USA.

CO2 Cartridges

CO2 cartridges within a paintball context are almost always used for paintball pistols. Our favorites are the Umarex 12g CO2 Cartridges, the Crossman 12g CO2 Cartridges, and the JT Paintball 12g CO2 Cartridges. For those looking for a little less weight to carry around, the Leland 8g CO2 cartridges could be a great option for you.

Wrapping Up

Playing a more traditional version of paintball with CO2 markers can be a very rewarding way to play the game. Milsim events are also one of the best ways to enjoy the game with friends and potentially thousands of other enthusiasts on a field that has a high level of realism. Whether you’re looking to play paintball in your backyard or getting ready for a multi-day milsim event, make sure you grab a CO2 tank to stay in the game! For the best selection of CO2 products, make sure you take a look at the world’s #1 paintball retailer–Lone Wolf Paintball. Happy paintballing!

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Top 5 Paintball Gear Bags, Best Paintball Bags in 2024

A paintball roller bag is a specialized gear bag for paintball players, designed to transport a large amount of paintball equipment. See the best paintball gear bags of 2024!

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Best Paintball Knee Pads in 2024

Paintball knee pads are a great extra piece of protective equipment to keep your knees safe and bruise-free. See the best options to choose from for 2024...

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Top 5 Paintball Elbow Pads, Best Paintball Elbow Pads in 2024

Paintball elbow pads are a great addition to your paintball loadout to keep your arms and elbows safe from unnecessary injuries. See our top picks for 2024...

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Top 5 Paintball Guns: Best Paintball Guns in 2024

You guys have asked for it: our lineup of the best paintball guns in 2024. With so many new flagship markers on the field, 2024 is shaping up to be one of the best years ever in paintball! This review will focus on the best overall markers in paintball which tend to be the top-line tournament markers. For reviews of other kinds of markers, head over to our YouTube channel where you can find reviews of the best paintball markers in each category.

Dye M3+

The Dye M3+ with MOS Air is a state-of-the-art paintball marker that builds upon Dye's renowned DM series platform and has earned itself a place on our list of best markers in 2024. It incorporates cutting-edge technologies and innovations alongside features that Dye fans know and love. Notable upgrades include the new Dye Slide Lock Airport (SLAP) ASA system which has a shielded, snag-resistant design for hassle-free air supply connection. The M3+ also features the advanced FL-21 Bolt System which features tool-less removal for easy maintenance. The 2-stage flex face bolt tip provides optimal performance with features like dwell independence, breech pressure insensitivity, and active recoil cancellation for consistently smooth and quiet firing. 

Further improvements are the Hyper 6s Pro for enhanced air dynamics and easier servicing, and the 4th Generation Eye Pipe System for fast, effortless maintenance. The intuitive MOSair OS provides precision tuning, player profiles, a pressure sensor, and cable-free charging. Ergonomically, the M3+ boasts an hourglass UL frame design, dual-density sticky grips, and an adjustable trigger. These ergonomic features offer exceptional handling and stability for high-performance handling in the middle of a firefight.

Planet Eclipse CS3

The Planet Eclipse CS3 paintball marker sets a new bar with cutting-edge technology to dominate the field. The OP Core drivetrain features a fully decoupled drive, auto dwell dynamics, and sub-100 PSI operating pressure for efficiency and consistency. The ergonomic design includes a higher hand position, longer grip pitch, and two-piece wraparound grips for comfort and functionality. The five-point adjustable trigger allows total control over shots. The S63 Pro barrel system combines style and performance with honed aluminum bodies and PWR inserts for tuning. Finally, the modular marker electronics incorporate Bluetooth, an upgraded comms board, and app connectivity for easy tuning and maintenance. With aggressive styling, dynamic components, and optimized internals, the CS3 provides speed, accuracy, and efficiency to overpower opponents and level up your game.

Planet Eclipse Ego LV2

The Planet Eclipse Ego LV2 solidifies its place among the best paintball guns of 2024 by carrying forward an 18-year legacy of redefining performance and reliability standards. Building on the acclaimed LV1, the LV2 features an updated body design, expanded internal volume, and the new Cure FT bolt configuration allowing operation at an incredibly low 115psi for an ultra-quiet, smooth shot. Hoseless construction, toolless wraparound grips, an ergonomic foregrip housing advanced HPR/LPR components, and easy access to the new modular electronics package with USB/Bluetooth capability elevate the player experience. Unmatched versatility comes from extensive adjustability for competition or tinkering, including HPR, LPR, dwell, rammer speed, and optional weights. The innovative Shaft S63 barrel with quick-change Eclipse PWR inserts provides pinpoint accuracy straight from the box. With its groundbreaking design and attention to detail, the Planet Eclipse Ego LV2 upholds its iconic name as one of the finest markers available in 2024.

Field One Force

Standing out among the best paintball guns of 2024 is the Field One Force - a re-imagined spool valve design masterfully blending durability, performance, and comfort. At its core is the highly efficient yet low-maintenance Force Nucleus engine, powered by a unique dual Power Select system utilizing either AA batteries or an optional LiPo battery pack. User-friendly features like the GripShift adjustable fit, LeverLock feedneck, and Cam Drive ASA make setup a breeze. The included AccuLock Barrel System provides superior precision across diverse paint brands while securely locking inserts in place. Rigorously tested in harsh environments, the Force exemplifies Field One's commitment to quality through its unparalleled warranty and customer support.


Perhaps the most anticipated paintball marker of 2024 is DLX Luxe IDOL. This flagship marker redefines the renowned Luxe line with refined ergonomics, an all-metal minimal yet striking aesthetic, and a host of innovative features. The redesigned Freak XL barrel boasts an aggressive style, easy maintenance, and the classic Luxe sound signature. Every surface has been meticulously reworked to enhance performance, reduce weight, and boost reliability. A new HD screen built into the grip simplifies setup with instant information access, while replaceable screens cut costs. User-requested upgrades include an unshrouded barrel, redesigned eye covers, a secure front grip cover, a rebuildable feed tube lever, and a permanently attached top jewel. The improved ASA opens fully flat, constructed from durable nitrided stainless steel. A metal backstrap enhances grip without tools and allows easy access to the battery, charging port, and tournament lock. To say the least, we’re excited to see how the DLX Luxe performs in the many tournaments of 2024!

Final Thoughts

2024 will certainly be one of the most exciting years ever for paintball. As the year continues, the tournament results as well as player testimonies will help establish and solidify the pecking order of the newest flagship paintball markers. To get the best tournament set up today, take a look at our online store for the best variety of paintball equipment anywhere. Happy paintballing!

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Lone Wolf’s Picks for Electric Paintball Hoppers

Lone Wolf’s Picks for Electric Paintball Hoppers

Choosing the right electric paintball hopper is a critical decision for any paintball enthusiast. The right hopper can significantly enhance your game, ensuring a smooth, consistent feed of paintballs and preventing frustrating jams in the heat of battle. With a myriad of options on the market, selecting the ideal hopper can seem overwhelming. Lone Wolf is here to simplify your search by presenting our curated list of the best electric paintball hoppers. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player looking to upgrade your equipment, our guide is designed to help you make an informed choice. Continue reading for our expert recommendations!

The Role of Electric Hoppers in Paintball

Electric hoppers play a pivotal role in modern paintball, transforming the way players engage in the sport. These devices, using electronic components to actively feed paintballs into the marker, significantly enhance the paintball experience by ensuring a steady and reliable supply of ammunition during play. This reliability is crucial during fast-paced games where the ability to shoot quickly and consistently can be the difference between victory and defeat.

The technology behind electric hoppers is designed to address the limitations of gravity-fed systems, which can struggle with feed rates and are prone to jamming when firing rapidly. Electric hoppers use a variety of mechanisms, such as agitating paddles or force-feed systems, to actively push paintballs into the marker. This technology ensures that the feed rate—the speed at which paintballs are fed into the marker—keeps pace with the marker's firing rate, eliminating gaps in fire that can occur with manual or gravity-fed hoppers.

Moreover, advanced electric hoppers incorporate anti-jamming features that detect and clear potential blockages before they can interrupt the flow of paintballs. This is particularly important for players who engage in high rates of fire, where even a brief jam can compromise performance and potentially the outcome of a game. By leveraging sensors and intelligent software algorithms, these hoppers can adjust their feeding mechanism in real-time, ensuring a smooth operation under various conditions.

How to Select the Best Electric Paintball Hoppers

Selecting the best electric paintball hopper involves careful consideration of several key factors to ensure that the device complements your playing style and meets the demands of your paintball marker. The feed rate and consistency are extremely important; a hopper must be able to feed paintballs at a speed that matches or exceeds your marker's firing rate. Consistency in feeding prevents fluctuations in performance, ensuring a steady stream of paintballs during rapid fire scenarios.

Capacity is another critical factor. A hopper with a larger capacity can hold more paintballs, allowing for longer play without the need for frequent reloads. However, a larger hopper can also mean additional weight and a bigger target for opponents. Finding the right balance based on your play style and the game's demands is essential.

Durability and battery life are intertwined considerations. A durable hopper constructed from high-quality materials can withstand the rigors of intense play and adverse conditions. Concurrently, battery life and efficiency determine how long your hopper can operate before needing a recharge or battery replacement. A hopper with poor battery life can be a liability in extended play sessions or tournaments.

Compatibility with different markers is also vital. Not all hoppers fit all paintball guns, so it's important to ensure that the hopper you choose is compatible with your marker to avoid issues with mounting and feeding. 

Lastly, ease of maintenance is crucial for long-term performance. A hopper that is easy to disassemble, clean, and reassemble ensures that you can maintain it properly, preventing malfunctions and extending its lifespan. Look for hoppers with clear instructions and accessible components to facilitate hassle-free maintenance.

Dye LT-R

The DYE LT-R loader combines cutting-edge DYE Rotor technology with exceptional feed rates and reliability, all at an affordable price. It offers smooth, rapid feeding with a toolless, low-profile design that holds 200 balls. Features include adjustable feed tension, an anti-jam trigger, and a spring-loaded floor tray for optimal performance. The LT-R is highly efficient, powered by 3 AA batteries for over 80,000 shots, and supports easy customization with optional color kits, quick feeds, and high capacity tops, making it a versatile choice for players seeking quality and performance.

For a full review of the Dye LT-R, take a look at our helpful YouTube review video below:

Virtue Spire IR2

The Virtue Spire IR2 is a high-performance loader renowned for its innovative features, including programmability and tool-less maintenance. Virtue, a leader in paintball electronics, has designed the IR2 with a low-profile for minimal interference and optimal shot accuracy. It matches the capacity of other popular loaders, eliminating the need for players to adjust to a different amount of paintballs. A significant upgrade in the IR2 is its reliable and agile drive system, boasting a "jam-proof" design achieved through specific shape, material, and feeding mechanism choices. Maintenance is simplified with a completely toolless assembly, facilitating quick cleaning. Notably, the Spire IR2 performs exceptionally well under various conditions, including rain, without jamming. It also comes equipped with a speed feeder and a ramp, considered by many as essential accessories for optimal performance.

For a full unboxing and review of the Virtue Spire IR2, take a look at our comprehensive YouTube video review below:


Bunkerkings CTRL Loader

The Bunkerkings CTRL loader revolutionizes paintball with its lightweight, compact design and the industry-first Angle Indicator, enhancing aiming precision without firing. Its perfectly balanced profile improves field of view and handling on any gun, while its jam-proof internal geometry and soft feed fingers ensure reliable, gentle paint handling. Enhanced with proactive feeding logic and a magnetic assembly for easy maintenance, the CTRL is the lightest 200-round loader available. It combines advanced technology from the Spire III platform with user-friendly programming, making it a top choice for players seeking performance and convenience. This loader's design significantly elevates gameplay, offering unmatched balance, durability, and efficiency on the field.

For a full video review of the Bunkerkings CTRL Loader, take a look at our YouTube video below:

Dye Rotor R2

The Dye Rotor R2 introduces groundbreaking advancements in paintball loader technology, combining ease of use with unprecedented feed rates and the first-ever capacity flexibility. Engineered with feedback from both professionals and customers, the R2 features a multi-capacity shell, enabling users to switch between 200 and 260 rounds instantly without additional components. Its innovative Rapid Release lid system simplifies quick changes between Quickfeeds and traditional lids, complemented by a 15% larger opening for faster loading. The R2 incorporates new circuit board logic with a Reload Alert System and Dynamic Force Control, ensuring consistent, gentle feeding of paintballs. This evolution of the Dye Rotor platform continues to set the standard in loader technology, reaffirming its position as the top choice among players globally.

Take a look at our helpful YouTube video below to see a full review of the Dye Rotor R2 loader:


Virtue Spire V

The Virtue Spire V hopper is the culmination of over a decade of research and development, offering players the pinnacle of paintball hopper technology at a competitive price. It enhances the game with faster feeding speeds and features toolless components for easy maintenance, catering to all levels of paintball enthusiasts. Its electronics, a significant redesign for this model, include three infrared sensors and an accelerometer for precise, jam-alerting feed control, ensuring compatibility and seamless integration with Virtue paintball markers. Additionally, the Spire V is designed for durability and ease of maintenance, with a hinged shell for tool-free access and a rugged, easy-to-clean exterior. Available in several striking colors, complete with a color-matching speed feed and rain lid, the Spire V stands out not just for its advanced functionality but also for its aesthetic appeal, making it a top choice for players aiming to enhance their performance on the field.

For a full review of the Virtue Spire V and to see how it compares to the Spire IV, take a look at our helpful YouTube video below: 


Selecting the best electric paintball hopper is essential for any player aiming to elevate their game. The right hopper not only ensures a reliable feed of paintballs but also enhances your overall experience by minimizing disruptions caused by jams. Our top picks for electric paintball hoppers will hopefully give you a good starting point to begin evaluating for yourself which option will work best for you. As always we recommend doing your research before making a decision. To help you find the best information, go take a look at our YouTube channel for the most comprehensive paintball reviews and recommendations. Additionally, take a look at our online paintball store to see the widest selection of electric paintball hoppers available anywhere.

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Best 5 Paintball Air Tanks to Dominate the Field

Best 5 Paintball Air Tanks to Dominate the Field

Choosing the right paintball air tank is crucial for any player looking to dominate the field. The tank you select not only powers your marker but also influences your mobility, play style, and overall performance. With the variety of options available, choosing the best air tank can be as challenging as picking the perfect paintball gun. In an effort to help you make the best decision for your paintball air tank, we put together a list of the top 5 paintball air tanks to help you make an informed decision. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or new to the sport, continue reading to discover the tanks that will help you outperform the competition.

Why Air Tank Quality Matters

The quality of a paintball air tank impacts not just the performance of your marker, but also the consistency and reliability of your shots during a game. Paintball air tanks serve as the fuel for your marker, providing the necessary propulsion for paintballs. These tanks come in two primary types: CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and HPA (High-Pressure Air), each with distinct characteristics and impacts on gameplay.

CO2 tanks, once the standard in paintball, are known for their affordability and wide availability. However, CO2's performance causes temperature fluctuations, leading to inconsistent shot velocities and potentially freezing the bolt in your paintball marker. On the other hand, HPA tanks, which utilize compressed air, offer a superior alternative. HPA provides a more consistent output pressure and the temperature is less variable than is the case for CO2. This consistency is crucial for players aiming for precision and reliability in their shots.

Beyond the propulsion source, high quality air tanks can be both economical or have a high price tag. However, the more advanced paintball air tanks will usually be made of a combination of aluminum and carbon fiber. The regulators are also key piece of the paintball air tank and can affect the performance of your marker, especially when it comes to operating pressure.
For answers to all of your paintball tank questions, take a look at our helpful air tank FAQ YouTube video:

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Paintball Air Tank​​

When selecting a paintball tank, several critical factors must be considered to ensure it meets your specific needs and enhances your performance on the field. One of the foremost considerations is the tank's capacity, which determines how many shots you can fire before needing a refill. A larger capacity tank allows for extended playtime, making it ideal for longer matches or scenarios where refilling options are limited. However, the trade-off typically involves increased size and weight, which leads to the next crucial factors: weight and size. A lighter and more compact tank can significantly improve mobility and endurance, especially in fast-paced games or for players who prefer a more agile playstyle. Balancing capacity with weight and size is essential to find the right tank that won't hinder your movement or tire you out prematurely.

The material of the tank also plays a vital role in its durability and overall weight. Tanks are commonly made from aluminum or carbon fiber, with carbon fiber being the lighter and more durable option, albeit at a higher price point. The investment in a carbon fiber tank can be worthwhile for serious players looking for the best balance between weight and resilience.

Additionally, the quality of the tank's regulator is paramount. A high-quality regulator ensures consistent air flow to the marker, providing stable shot velocity and accuracy. This consistency is crucial for competitive play, where precision can make the difference between hitting or missing your target.

Finally, compatibility with your marker cannot be overlooked. Not all tanks work with every paintball gun, and ensuring that your tank's output pressure and connection type match your marker is essential for optimal performance. Some markers require specific pressure levels that only certain tanks can provide, making it crucial to check compatibility before making a purchase.

In sum, choosing the right paintball tank involves a careful consideration of capacity, weight and size, material, regulator quality, and compatibility. Balancing these factors according to your play style, the frequency of play, and the specifics of your marker will lead you to the best tank for your needs, ultimately enhancing your paintball experience.

For a full analysis of the best paintball tanks, take a look at our comprehensive YouTube video review:

HK Army Aluminum 48/3000 Air Tank

The HK Army Aluminum 48/3000 Air Tank offers a solid alternative to carbon fiber options, featuring a standard high-pressure regulator preset at an 800 psi output. These tanks, popular among HK Army paintball accessories, boast a capacity of 48ci / 3000psi and include a fill level gauge for easy monitoring. Ideal for players looking for reliable and durable equipment, these tanks are recommended for those interested in upgrading their gear. 

Ninja Lite Air Tank

The Ninja Lite Air Tank stands out for being lighter than typical carbon fiber tanks and is one of the lightest DOT-approved tanks in the USA. Available in sizes of 45, 50, or 68 cubic inches with a capacity of 4500 psi, these tanks are made from DOT-approved carbon fiber and come with a 5-year hydro test certification. They are notable for their versatility, offering up to 1350 shots per fill depending on the marker, and feature adjustable pressure with included shims for outputs of 800psi, 700psi, 550psi, or 450psi. Proudly made in the USA, these tanks are designed for players seeking lightweight, high-performance air systems.

Ninja SL2 Air Tank

The Ninja SL2 Air Tank represents a significant leap forward in the paintball industry, setting a new standard as one of the lightest tanks available thanks to extensive engineering efforts by Ninja. These tanks surpass their predecessors in lightness and are available in a variety of sizes and colors. They are DOT-approved, feature the high-performance Ninja Pro V2 regulator, and allow for the mounting of any Ninja 4,500 psi rated regulators. Key features include options of 68 or 77 cubic inches, a 4500 psi capacity, a 5-year hydro test certification, and the capability to deliver up to 1350 shots per fill, varying by marker. The Pro V2 regulator, notable for its preset 800 psi output, is fully adjustable and boasts enhancements such as a new ball valve seal for 30% increased flow, improved seal integrity, and 360-degree rotation. Pressure can be adjusted with included shims to achieve outputs of 800 psi, 700 psi, 550 psi, or 450 psi. Proudly made in the USA, the Ninja SL2 is designed for players seeking the ultimate in lightweight, high-performance air systems.

HK Army AeroLite "Extra Lite" Air Tank

The highly anticipated HK Army AeroLite "Extra Lite" Air Tank has been introduced to meet the demand for an ultra-lightweight tank. Designed for top-tier performance, this state-of-the-art tank is made in the USA and caters to players seeking the lightest equipment without compromising on quality.

Powerhouse Featherweight Air System

The Powerhouse Featherweight Air System claims the title for the lightest paintball tank currently available on the market. These tanks come with the prestigious Tri-Label UNISO certification, meeting the highest paintball standards and ensuring worldwide acceptance due to their DOT and TC certifications. Offered in three sizes (68ci, 78ci, and 88ci), they cater to different play styles and needs, allowing players to choose based on the game's pace or their preference for air capacity. Pairing these tanks with the latest generation Powerhouse TKO Regulator enhances their performance, making it arguably the best air system in paintball. The Featherweight Air System is the epitome of innovation, combining ultra-lightweight carbon fiber tanks with a high-performance regulator, setting a new benchmark for air systems in the sport.


Finding the best air tank for paintball can be a daunting challenge with all of the different air tanks on the market. We hope that you've found this article helpful and that it provides a little guidance about which air tank is best for you. If you still have more questions, contact us today and one of our friendly associates will help answer your questions. For an even better selection of professional and beginner air tanks, head on over to Lone Wolf Paintball's online store where you'll find a wide range of air tanks at excellent prices!

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