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Paintball Haulers

Paintball haulers are helpful paintball accessories to aid players in loading their hoppers and pods. Anyone who has tried loading paintballs from a plastic bag knows that you have an equal chance of a bottleneck or all of the paintballs spilling onto the ground and becoming unusable. Paintball haulers not only store your paintballs but also have a convenient funnel shape to help load the paintballs into your hoppers and pods. We highly recommend each player have their own paintball hauler for convenience and to keep their paintballs separate from the rest of the team.

HK Army Reload Paintball Hauler and Pod Filler

The HK Army Reload Paintball Hauler and Pod Filler is a multifunctional accessory that's essential for paintball players of all levels, offering both cost-saving and performance-enhancing features. Constructed with durable plastic, it ensures safe storage for paintballs. Its design includes five integrated volume markers along one side for easy measurement. For convenience, it includes an easy-access loading spout and a large pouring spout, both equipped with lock lids to prevent spills and waste. Additionally, the hauler boasts a unique feature: a ball sizer with eight different bore sizes, which fits securely at the back of the unit, allowing players to match paintballs to barrel bore sizes efficiently. With a capacity to hold up to 1000 paintballs and snap-close lock lids, this hauler is both practical and reliable, making it a valuable tool for any paintball enthusiast. For a full review of this paintball hauler, take a look at our helpful YouTube video review below:

Gen X Global Paintball Hauler

The Gen X Global Paintball Hauler is highly regarded in the paintball industry for its efficiency in filling pods quickly and easily on the field. Key features include a large capacity of 1,000 rounds, a sizable pour spot for convenience, and a heavy-duty grip handle for ease of use and durability. This makes it a practical and robust tool for paintball players.

Players Want to Know

Frequently asked questions by paintballers…

What are the different types of paintball loaders?

There are basically two different types of paintball loaders–electric loaders and manual loaders. These loaders store the paintballs and feed them into the feedneck and then into the breach when the paintball gun is fired.

How many paintballs fit in a hopper?

As a general rule, about 200 - 220 balls will fit into a paintball hopper. A paintball marker with a high rate of fire can empty the entire hopper in about 15 seconds.

How do paintball hoppers work?

Paintball hoppers work by holding the paintballs and loading them into the breach. Electric paintball hoppers do this with an electric mechanism that rotates and automatically loads the balls into the breach of the paintball marker. Manual hoppers are much more simple and only use gravity to funnel balls into the breach.