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Paintball Barrel Cases

Paintball Barrel cases are handy accessories that help keep your paintball barrels and barrel inserts free from damage. They also help keep all of your paintball accessories organized and in one place.

HK Army Exo Slim Barrel Case

The HK Army Exo Slim Barrel Hard Case is specially designed for the protection of paintball barrels. It effectively shields the barrel from scratches and dents. The case features a durable hard shell exterior that prevents damage and an EVA die-cut insert that securely holds two 12-inch barrel halves. This makes it ideal for storing either a complete two-piece barrel or two-barrel tips. The slim, low-profile design of the case ensures easy packing in a gear bag. For a full review of the Exo slim barrel case, take a look at our YouTube Video below:

Infamous 6X Barrel Sleeve

The Infamous 6x Barrel Sleeve offers an uncomplicated and effective way to protect and organize your barrels or inserts, particularly when traveling light. It can hold up to six barrels or barrel inserts, accommodating those up to 16 inches in length. Made from thick, shock-absorbing neoprene, this ultra-compact barrel sleeve ensures your barrels or inserts stay organized and are shielded from dings and scratches. For a review of the Infamous 6X Barrel Sleeve, take a look at our YouTube video below:

Exalt Barrel Kit Case

The latest Exalt Carbon Barrel Case series introduces the new Barrel Kit case, a compact and versatile solution for safely transporting barrel kits. This case can accommodate up to 8 barrel backs/fronts or 16 Freak inserts, or a combination of 4 Fronts/Backs and 8 inserts, provided they are based on a 14” barrel size. It is constructed from rigid, water-resistant carbon fiber leather, ensuring durability and protection against the elements. The interior is lined with ultra-plush microfiber and includes a custom-designed divider with 16 sleeves, safeguarding each component of the barrel kit. The rigid molded exterior of the case shields barrels and inserts from dings and scratches during transport or handling on the field.

Deadlywind nPower Barrel Case

The Deadlywind nPower Barrel Case is a soft-sided, versatile carrying case for paintball barrels, featuring an embroidered Deadlywind logo. It is designed to accommodate multiple barrels ranging from 6" to 16" in length, as well as Freak and Freak XL inserts. The case includes extra space along the side for storing barrel accessories like battle swabs or squeegees, making it a comprehensive storage solution for paintball barrel equipment.

Exalt Barrel Wrap

The Exalt Barrel Wrap universal barrel protector offers form-fitting, comprehensive protection for paintball barrels. It features a shock-absorbing thermoformed neoprene exterior and a thick high-pile microfiber lining, ensuring maximum protection against impacts and scratches. The optimized design of the wrap is compatible with nearly all barrels up to 16 inches in length, excluding those with Apex / Flatline / mock suppressors, and even accommodates older one-piece barrels. It can hold up to three 16-inch (or shorter) one-piece barrels or two-piece barrels. For convenience, rubber-reinforced tension straps are included, allowing the wrap to be easily rolled up for compact storage.