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Paint Grenades

Some call paint grenades cheating; we think of them more like problem solvers. Paint grenades are an excellent option for woodsball, speedball, and milsim events; they are able to clear rooms, reach behind bunkers, and eliminate enemy players in an extremely efficient (if not non-discriminatory) manner. 

To learn more about the different paint grenades available, take a look at our helpful YouTube video below:

Different Types of Paintball Grenades & Watching Them Go Boom

Enola Gaye Wire Pull Paint Grenade & David Reaper Justin

BT M8 Paint Grenade

When confronted with more adversaries than the paintballs in your marker, the BT Paintball M8 Paint Grenade becomes your strategic advantage. This non-explosive device can disperse a wide swath of vibrant yellow paint, extending over 30 feet. Packed with 8oz of paint, its cutting-edge non-explosive design can turn the tables in a seemingly lost match. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, the BT® M8 grenade is approved for use in all levels of competition, providing a safe and effective tool to outmaneuver your opponents.

Tippmann Big Boy II Paint Grenade

When you deploy the reimagined Tippmann Big Boy II Grenade, your opponents have nowhere to escape. This grenade, authentically designed and perfectly sized, sets the industry standard for reliability, boasting superior marking paint and extensive coverage. When your objective is maximum coverage to provide your team with a true competitive advantage, the Big Boy Grenade is your ultimate choice. Its user-friendly pull pin design, loaded with 10 oz of vibrant pink fill, delivers an effective 30-foot spray pattern. Easy to carry and throw, it comes packaged in a printed poly bag for your convenience.

JT M8 Paint Grenade

The JT Paintball M8 Paint Grenade is a non-explosive grenade boasting an impressive paint-spraying radius of over 30 feet. Loaded with 8oz of bright yellow paint, its advanced non-explosive design could be the game-changer your opponent never saw coming. Rest assured, the JT® M8 grenade is approved for safe use across all levels of competition.

Players Want to Know

Frequently asked questions by paintballers…

Are there grenades in paintball?

Hehe… yes. There are indeed grenades in paintball, known as paint grenades. These paint grenades are filled with paint and can be thrown behind enemy lines to help eliminate a large group of enemy players. These grenades have become increasingly popular in all paintball games–speedball, woodsball, and milsim events. Pick up a paint grenade to try for yourself for your next paintball game!

What is a paint grenade?

A paint grenade is a breakable membrane of paint that has a small explosive charge attached to it. When the charge detonates, it releases a spray of paint covering a radius of approximately 15 feet (30 feet in total).