Pantalones acolchados de paintball

Padded Paintball Pants

Paintball pants are a vital piece of protective equipment for players, offering leg protection from high-speed paintballs that can cause painful welts. Designed for comfort and mobility, these pants facilitate the crouching, running, and jumping required in paintball. Made from durable materials like cordura or nylon, they resist tearing and abrasion, crucial for navigating rough terrains and sharp objects encountered during gameplay. Beyond functionality, paintball pants also come in various colors and designs, allowing players to express their style and team spirit.

Virtue Breakout Pants

The Virtue Breakout Pants are designed for paintball players prioritizing comfort, durability, and mobility. They offer a lightweight, athletic fit without being too bulky or slim, with velcro leg adjustments for a streamlined fit. The pants feature moisture-wicking 4-way stretch Cordura panels in key areas for flexibility and comfort, while the rest is made from heavy-duty Nylon Cordura for durability. 

The unique single-panel front leg design enhances mobility and eliminates tearing from seams. Ample storage is provided with hip pockets, dual leg swab pockets, double zipper rear pockets, and concealed cargo pockets. The pants have a velcro fly, adjustable waist straps, a higher back waistband to prevent sagging, and premium silicone logo branding.

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Exalt T4 Pants

The newly revised Exalt T4 pant, updated for the holiday season, features enhanced stretch zones and optimized hip padding for better flexibility. It includes new low-profile "slash pockets" at the rear. Key features are zipper thigh pockets, dual swab pockets, Kevlar-reinforced knees, a cooling mesh interior liner, silicone waistband printing inside and out, dual drawstring adjustment with extra belt loops, venting mesh at the back of the legs, groin, and pockets, as well as padding on the knees, hips, and groin. The design is completed with embroidered logos and 4-way flex panels.

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HK Army HSTL Pants

The new HSTL Line Pants by HK Army are tailored for paintball players, focusing on durability, flexibility, lightness, and breathability. These hand-crafted pants are designed to be both durable and stylish, targeting entry to mid-level players who seek affordable, quality paintball pants. The HK Army HSTL Pant offers a balance of performance and affordability.

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Carbon SC Pants

The Carbon SC Pant is engineered for optimal performance with a focus on breathability, durability, and resistance to water, UV, and stains. It features a 3-layer interior membrane that wicks moisture away while maintaining a water-resistant exterior. The design prioritizes comfort, mobility, and reduced bulk. High impact and slide areas are reinforced with PU laminated paneling for extra durability. The pants also boast a 250DN Cordura weave nylon exterior with DWR/C6 weather-resistant coating, a hidden waist belt for adjustment, durable knee panels, waterproof zippers, a 4-way stretch power mesh crotch, dual squeegee pockets, and tapered leg and hip paneling.