Rondas de paintball de primer golpe

Primeras rondas de ataque (calibre .68)


  • Humo/Verde/Relleno verde
  • Humo/Naranja/Relleno Naranja
  • Humo/Rosa/Relleno rosa
  • Humo/Azul cielo/Relleno rosa
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First Strike Rounds (.68 Caliber)

First Strike Rounds (.68) paintballs offer superior performance through aerodynamic design and fin stabilization, providing 50% greater range and unmatched accuracy. These paintballs are the choice for paintball snipers and can be used with Tiberius Arms markers equipped with a conversion kit. Designed for .68 caliber markers, they feature self-rifling for precise shots, a brittle polystyrene shell for reliable breakage, and biodegradability for environmental friendliness.

First Strike Rounds .50 Caliber 100 Count - Clear/Green/Green Fill

First Strike .50 Rounds are engineered to maintain their velocity over extended distances, combining aerodynamic shaping and fin stabilization technology to achieve a remarkable 50% increase in range and exceptional accuracy. This innovation offers players a genuine alternative to traditional methods reliant on volume or trajectory adjustments. 

With First Strike, aspiring paintball snipers can elevate their game and achieve unparalleled precision. These projectiles feature self-rifling for enhanced range and accuracy and can withstand various environmental challenges like extreme temperatures, moisture, and humidity. 

Additionally, First Strike is committed to environmental sustainability, offering biodegradable and eco-friendly options. These .50 caliber projectiles meet ASTM safety requirements and provide superior marking and visibility, enhancing the overall paintball experience for players.