Piezas internas de aire de paintball y kits de reconstrucción

Paintball Air Internals & Rebuild Kits

Rebuilding and maintaining your air tank is less common than cleaning and maintaining your paintball marker. However, because of the immense amount of pressure contained within HPA tanks, neglecting maintenance is never a good idea; the consequences could be catastrophic. Whether you’re adding a new fill nipple, gauge, or completely replacing the regulator, Lone Wolf Paintball has you covered with the best paintball air internals and rebuild kits.

Ninja HPA Fill Nipple MFV

The Ninja Regulator Fill Nipple is designed with a low profile for comfort, minimizing wrist digging during use. It is made from hardened, plated steel capable of withstanding pressures up to 5000 psi. The long strut design of the nipple is intended to help reduce contamination of the air system. It features 1/8 NPT male threads, sealed with Ninja black thread sealant for secure and leak-free connections. It's important to note that this Fill Nipple is specifically compatible with original Ninja Regulators. To determine the correct nipple type, users should check the markings on their regulator. If it's marked with "OFV," they need the new OFV Nipple. If there's no "OFV" marking, the original MFV Nipple is required.

Ninja Pro V2 Regulator Rebuild Kit

This Ninja Pro V2 Regulator Rebuild Kit is designed to maintain and repair the Ninja Pro V2 Tank Regulator, ensuring its optimal performance and longevity. For a full tutorial on how to fix your Ninja regulator spring stack, take a look at our helpful YouTube video below:

Ninja Mini Tank Gauge

The Ninja Mini Tank Gauge is a versatile accessory compatible with any paintball air tank. It features a micro 6,000 PSI gauge housed in durable aluminum. Designed with 1/8" NPT male threads, it is easy to install on various tanks.

Players Want to Know

Frequently asked questions by paintballers…

What’s the difference between CO2 and compressed air?

CO2 as a propellant is slowly being phased out of paintball even though it is still a mainstay among older paintball markers. The main reason for this is the temperature difference when CO2 is shot which can cause the gun to freeze at high rates of fire. Compressed air doesn’t have this same temperature difference and therefore causes less stress on the gun and can be used at higher rates of fire for a longer period of time.

Can I use a garage air compressor to fill my tank?

Likely not. At a minimum, you will need an air compressor that has an output of at least 3000 psi. It’s unlikely that most residential garages have this sort of compressor.

What are paintball tanks made of?

It depends on the tank, however, most modern paintball tanks are currently made of steel or aluminum wrapped in a layer of carbon fiber and resin. This helps keep tanks light while maintaining a high degree of structural integrity.

What does CI mean?

CI simply means “cubic inches.” The internal volume of many paintball tanks is measured in cubic inches. A tank reading such as “68/4500” would mean that there is 68 cubic inches of volume which can be pressurized to a maximum pressure of 4500 psi.

For answers to all of these questions and more, take a look at our FAQ YouTube video below:

Top 5 Questions About Paintball Air Tanks