Diademas de paintball

Diadema teñida


  • Tinte Logoflauge Azul/Negro
  • Tinte Logoflauge Rojo/Negro
  • Teñir raya de tigre
  • Tinte UL Negro/Gris
  • +19
Envoltura de calavera del ejército de HK


  • Blanco negro
  • Negro
  • Stealth
  • Blaze
  • +9
Pasamontañas de operaciones hostiles del ejército de Hong Kong


  • espadas
  • Huesos
  • Caos negro
  • Calaveras Negras
  • +6
Diadema Planeta Eclipse


  • Fuego FANTM
  • Hielo FANTM
  • Lagarto FANTM
  • Cortinas FAN™
  • +1
Diadema del ejército de HK


  • tribu azul
  • Tribu Gris
  • tribu rasta
Diadema infame


  • Terracam negro
  • musgo inpat
Diadema exaltar


  • Obessión del roble cubierto de musgo
  • Maderas duras Realtree

Dye Headwrap

The DYE Headwrap, made from Dye’s proprietary materials, offers a classic fit, featuring full printing, a terry cloth sweatband, and flexible mesh. It keeps you cool, stylish, and sweat-free, ensuring a perfect fit and style every time you wear it.

HK Army Skull Wrap

The HK Army Skull Wrap is a low-profile and streamlined headwrap designed for paintball players. It's made from 4-way stretch material with a micro-mesh back for heat release, and an elastic headband that absorbs, wicks, and quickly evaporates moisture to keep you cool. The Skull Wrap offers extra head and neck protection, covering the top of your head, the back of your neck, and ears if desired. It comes in one size with an adjustable elastic Velcro closure. This high-quality headwrap maintains its shape, form, and stretch over time and can be worn alone or with a headband tied over the top for added style.

HK Army Hostile Ops Balaclava

The Hostile Ops Balaclava is a must-have accessory for Airsoft and Paintball players, offering complete head, neck, and face protection. It is crafted with precision, using premium lightweight, and breathable materials that provide optimal breathability and moisture-wicking properties to keep you cool and dry during intense games. The ergonomic design ensures a snug fit for full peripheral vision and unrestricted movement, making it a comfortable and functional choice for the battlefield. 

For a full review of this balaclava, take a look at our YouTube video review below:

Planet Eclipse Headwrap

The Planet Eclipse Headwrap features open-cell foam padding for forehead protection, fully sublimated graphics, a micro-fiber inner sweatband, a mesh drape, and a Velcro closure. It's made of 100% Polyester and should be washed separately in a cool-water cycle.