Estuches para marcadores de paintball

Paintball Marker Cases

Paintball marker cases are essential for safeguarding your paintball marker during transport and storage. These cases feature a soft-lined interior that provides cushioning and protection for your marker. Some marker cases even come with compartments for extra barrels, ensuring that all your essential equipment stays organized and secure.

Investing in a marker case is a wise choice for paintball players looking to protect their valuable and delicate equipment while on the move. These cases not only ensure the safety of your marker but also help you keep your paintball gear well-organized, making it easy to access everything you need for your games.

Hard Paintball Marker Cases

Hard paintball marker cases ensure maximum protection and safety for your paintball marker. If you need to fly with your equipment or place it in stowed luggage in a plane, train, or bus, these paintball marker cases are the best option. 

Exo XL Marker Case

The Exo XL Marker Case is a unique and durable protective case designed to hold two paintball markers. It offers full hardshell protection to prevent scratches and damage to your markers and barrels, ensuring they stay in pristine condition even while stored in your gear bag. This case includes features like a gold exterior zipper, heavy-duty zippers, microfiber-lined compartments, eight barrel sleeves, interior zipper and mesh pockets, and a convenient carry handle. It's compatible with most paintball markers, making it a versatile and protective solution for paintball enthusiasts.

Exalt Marker Case XL 

The Exalt Marker Case XL is a new design aimed at providing top-notch protection for vintage markers, including full-size Autocockers and Pumps with beavertails. It features a rigid outer shell to prevent dings, dents, and scratches on your marker and accessories. The case also includes a flexible area that allows you to access the contents without fully unzipping it. Ample storage pockets and zippered compartments are available for tools and parts, while an elastic molle storage system keeps barrels, including one-piece barrels, securely in place. The case offers a modular, reversible insert for customization.

This case is tailored to fit and safeguard classic guns like Autocockers, Pumps, and other similar markers within specific dimensions. It boasts a padded, water-resistant exterior to protect your marker during storage and a microfiber interior that absorbs moisture and prevents scratches. The case's fold-flat construction even serves as a work surface, helping to prevent oil and paint messes.

Paintball Marker Sleeves

Paintball marker sleeves are another great and lightweight option to keep your marker safe from scrapes and scuffs when safely stored within your gear bag. They don’t offer all the protection of the hard paintball cases, but they are excellent options for storage and light transport.

Exalt Modern Marker Sleeve

The Exalt Modern Marker Sleeve features a shock-absorbing thermoformed neoprene exterior and a thick, high-pile microfiber lining. Its optimized profile accommodates various markers, and its dual-zipper design allows it to be easily pulled over a marker with the tank and loader installed. It's confirmed to fit the most popular markers on the market.

Infamous Marker Sleeve

This Infamous Marker Sleeve offers a minimalist and lightweight solution to protect your marker effectively. It provides a high level of water resistance and prevents unwanted scratches. The sleeve features soft neoprene material, a waterproof zipper, and attractive dye sublimated graphics. Its dimensions are 10.5" x 8.5", making it a compact and practical choice for marker protection on the go.