Protectores de cuello para paintball

Paintball Neck Protectors

Paintball neck protectors are a crucial safety accessory in paintball, designed to safeguard one of the most sensitive areas, the neck. Typically made from soft and flexible materials like neoprene or foam, these protectors combine comfort with effective impact absorption. They usually feature a wrap-around design with Velcro or similar fastenings for an adjustable fit and are contoured to provide comprehensive coverage without restricting movement. The primary role of these protectors is to mitigate the impact of paintball hits, reducing the force and potential for bruising or injury. Importantly, they are designed to be breathable, preventing overheating during intense or long games. These protectors are also compatible with other paintball gear such as helmets and masks, ensuring they don't hinder movement or cause discomfort.

HK Army HSTL Neck Protector

The HK Army HSTL Neck Protector is designed to protect the neck during paintball gameplay, especially from close impact shots. It is made with durable materials, including tough-grip adjustable Velcro and high-density compressed foam, ensuring both safety and comfort. The neck protector comes in a universal size, fitting most individuals, and is geared towards optimizing the in-game experience for players.

Exalt Neck Protector

The Exalt Neck Protector is designed for paintball players of all skill levels and features a one-size-fits-all, contoured design. It is made from lightweight, impact-absorbing foam, offering a high level of protection and comfort. This neck protector is engineered to conform to and move with the neck muscles, ensuring flexibility and safety. It is universally suitable for all ages and sizes. The protector's construction includes breathable fabric that is stain-resistant and easy to clean, and its molded, contoured design allows for natural head movement.

Tippmann Neck Protector

The Tippmann Neck Protector, crafted from comfortable and durable neoprene, is designed to safeguard the neck during paintball games. Its cushioning properties effectively absorb paintball impacts, reducing the risk of injury, while its adjustable design ensures a snug fit for various body sizes without restricting movement. This protector is ideal for extended wear during long matches or tournaments.

Gen X Global Neck Protector

The Gen X Global Neck Protector is crafted from comfortable and lightweight nylon material, offering essential protection for the neck against paintball impacts. Nylon is chosen for its durability and ability to withstand the rigors of paintball play, ensuring both safety and longevity of the protector. This material also contributes to the ease of movement and breathability, making it suitable for extended use in various playing conditions.