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Paintball Elbow Pads

Paintball elbow pads are a great extra piece of protective equipment to keep your arms and elbows safe and bruise-free. Speedball rounds as well as woodsball scenarios that require jumping, sliding, and diving can do a lot of damage to your elbows. However, having the right kind of elbow pads can help cushion the impact and keep you from getting injured. Take a look at our ultimate guide to elbow pads, knee pads, gloves and slide shorts below for a great comparison of the best contenders:

Ultimate Elbow Pad, Knee Pad, Glove & Slide Short Comparison

Exalt FreeFlex Elbow Pads

The FreeFlex Elbow pad is expertly crafted for an optimal blend of flexibility, comfort, protection, and durability. It features a unique quad-core padding system, combining a moisture-wicking outer sleeve with a compression molded elbow and forearm pad for enhanced comfort and movement. The pad is thermoformed with a custom-molded, ribbed elbow cup for improved flexibility and durability. It includes an innovative, adjustable, and removable pass-through retention strap for a snug fit, along with compression molded hand padding for impact protection. A silicone anti-slip band in the cuff ensures the pad stays securely in place, preventing slippage during active use.

For a full review of the Exalt FreeFlex Elbow Pads as well as a comparison to other popular Exalt pads, take a look at our helpful YouTube video review below:

HK Army CTX Arm Pads

The HK Army CTX Arm Pad system is engineered for high-impact performance, emphasizing comfort and flexibility. It features a contour, dual-layered pad system that effectively absorbs shock and minimizes elbow joint impact. Made from durable, lightweight materials, these arm pads ensure fluid mobility and breathability. The design includes a 4-way stretch, inner lining that extends coverage and provides cooling on hot days. Key features include enhanced comfort and durability, high-impact padding, neoprene arm support, and a lightweight, breathable sleeve. Additionally, it comes with a built-in glove and a mesh zipper carry bag for convenience.

Infamous PRO DNA Elbow Pads Gen 2

The Infamous PRO DNA Elbow Pads provide minimalist, yet effective compression protection. They feature DNA Dual-Density memory foam technology for body-contoured protection and impact redirection. These lightweight, slip-on pads offer a flexible range of motion with moisture-wicking technology to keep you dry. A thumb loop design ensures a secure fit, compatible with gloves. The pads have targeted compression zones, a silicone grip strip, and abrasion-resistant material, available in sizes Youth to 3XL.

To see how the Infamous PRO DNA Elbow Pads perform in comparison to the Carbon SC Elbow Sleeves, take a look at our YouTube video review below:

Carbon SC Elbow Sleeves

The Carbon SC Elbow Sleeves are made from an 85% polyester and 15% spandex blend, enhancing breathability and range of motion. They feature slim, two-layer anatomical padding for precise protection and muscle compression, designed to fit snugly and stay in place during intense activities. Key features include dual-layer impact protection for the elbow and forearm, 4-way stretch fabric for a natural range of motion, and a non-slip bicep cuff. Additionally, they have a gauntlet-style thumb/wrist loop, flat lock stitching to minimize irritation, and a low-profile compression fit. The moisture-wicking, quick-dry material keeps the wearer dry and comfortable; sleeves sold in pairs.