Accesorios para bolsas de equipo de paintball

Parche de goma de lobo solitario


  • Revivir Negro/Blanco
  • Revivir Blanco/Negro
  • Redondo Negro/Rojo/Blanco
Parche de goma Infamous Pro DNA


  • Parche completo de calavera circular gris
  • Parche completo Icon Skull Voltio/Negro
  • Pro DNA Full Patch Negro/Volt
  • Parche completo Pro DNA negro/blanco
  • +4
Llavero con soporte para Airtag infame


  • Blanco negro
  • Negro / Voltio
  • Gris
  • +1
Etiqueta de equipaje de carbono
Etiqueta de equipaje de carbono

$2.95 $5.95

  • Naranja
Parche de goma del ejército de HK


  • Pandilla Pandilla
  • Renacimiento de pandillas
Kit de correas para mochila de empuje/bolsa de equipo


  • Camuflaje negro
  • Azul
  • Camuflaje del desierto
  • Gris
  • +7

Paintball Gear Bag Accessories

Paintball gear bag accessories are a great way for players to personalize their bags. These accessories can be aesthetic or functional but they all help make your bag exactly what you want it to be.

Carbon Wash Bag

The Carbon Wash Bag is a great accessory to carry with you in your paintball gear bag. This bag can be conveniently stored and carried in your gear bag so that you can put all of your dirty clothes in it as soon as you’re done playing paintball. This helps keep your bag clean and tidy while also giving you a convenient way to throw everything in the washer when you get home. This bag features a durable 200D nylon front and an elastic/nylon power mesh back. The bag ensures secure packing and item safety during washing with its horizontal zipper closure and includes a nylon hanger for convenience.

Travel Tags

The Carbon Luggage Tag is a durable luggage tag to display your information while traveling. Simply attach it to your gear bag (or any other piece of luggage) and you can travel with the peace of mind knowing that you can find your luggage if it gets lost.

The Infamous airtag holder keychain is another great way to keep track of your luggage when you are traveling. This keychain perfectly holds an airtag in place for use within your paintball gear bag to help you track its location real time. It features a built-in keyring hole and comes with a keyring clip for easy attachment to various items. The holder is made of impact-resistant silicone, providing protection and security for the AirTag, and features a custom-molded Infamous skull icon.


A gear bag is never complete without your favorite patches! 

The HK Army Rubber Patch is designed to enhance the style of your paintball gear and features a hook velcro backing for easy attachment to any surface with velcro. Each patch also includes an additional velcro strip, which can be sewn onto items without velcro, ensuring versatility in its use.

For a full review of the GX2 Gravel Backpack, take a look at our YouTube video below:

The Infamous Pro DNA Rubber Patch is a stylish accessory for backpacks, gear bags, or vests. It also comes with a hook velcro backing, making it easy to attach to any item with velcro.

The Lone Wolf Paintball Rubber Patch is a decorative accessory for backpacks, gear bags, or vests. The LWP rubber patch also comes with hook velcro backing for easy application to any velcro surface. Additionally, each patch includes a velcro strip for sewing onto items without velcro, enhancing its versatility. The patch is available in two sizes: a rectangular one measuring 5" wide by 1.75" tall, and a round one with a 3.5" diameter.