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Pistola de paintball con bomba Azodin KPC+


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Bomba Azodin KP3


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Pump Paintball Guns

Pump paintball guns take many players back to the early days of paintball. These paintball guns require manual pumping to cycle in new rounds and to reset the trigger. While these paintball guns do feel a bit antiquated, they’re making a comeback with paintball enthusiasts and are even being used to great effect on the paintball field.

Azodin KP3 Pump

The Azodin KP3 Pump paintball gun represents a significant leap in performance and refinement. It caters to both new players seeking a straightforward pump experience and experienced pump players looking for precision and top-tier performance.

The KP3 introduces several design improvements over its predecessor. It incorporates a new ZeRO Assembly and Acoustic Bolt, which effectively lowers the operating pressure to 230 psi, resulting in a quieter and more precise operation. Additionally, it now includes several upgraded standard features, such as a 14-inch Two-Piece Barrel, On/Off ASA, Clamping Feedneck, Delrin Pump Handle, and Single Trigger Frame.

The Azodin KP3 stands as the latest addition to the KP series, showcasing the brand's latest technologies and combining top-notch design with enhanced ergonomics, improved accuracy, better efficiency, and a variety of unique color options. Key features of the Azodin KP3 include a Half-Block Design, Dual Pump Rods, Clamping Feedneck, Acoustic Bolt, Single Trigger Frame, Delrin Pump Handle, 14-inch Two-Piece Barrel with .685 & .681 Backs, On/Off ASA, and an integrated ZeRO Assembly, all while maintaining an operating pressure of 230 psi. 

For a full review of the Azodin KP3 Pump paintball gun and to see how it shoots, take a look at our helpful YouTube video review below:

Azodin KPC+ Pump Paintball Gun

Azodin has taken the classic KPC Pump and given it a modern twist with the Azodin KPC+ Pump Paintball Gun, focusing on affordability, durability, and easy maintenance. The KPC+ combines a half-block body style with a robust Feather Regulator to create a sleek and high-performing pump gun that excels in various conditions and offers dependable durability.

Key features of the KPC+ include a 14'' multiphase honed barrel with a .685 bore, a half-block body design, and a screw lock feedneck. It also incorporates a low-pressure valve, an acoustic bolt with dual O-rings, and a single trigger frame with a pre-installed auto trigger. The gun is further equipped with an adjustable Feather Regulator, an inline ON/OFF ASA for easy air intake control, and stainless steel guide rods. It operates at a pressure of 230 psi, ensuring efficient performance.

Players have embraced the Azodin KPC+ for several reasons. Its minimal shot report makes it an excellent choice for snipers and stealth-focused players, even for backyard play. Some concerns have arisen regarding the ASA and potential air leaks in the stock Azodin KPC+. However, it's important to handle the regulator with care, avoiding excessive torque to prevent O-ring damage. Moreover, the Azodin KPC+ can accept third-party regulators, and many air system issues are typically attributed to user error or maintenance errors rather than inherent flaws in the marker.