Défense domestique et munitions Pepperball

Les Pepper Ball Rounds ne peuvent pas être expédiées en Californie, au Massachusetts, à New York ou dans le District de Columbia.

Home Defense & Pepperball Ammo

Pepperball guns use a special type of munition that contains an irritant similar to pepper spray. When these balls hit their intended target, the powder diffuses into the air and is easily inhaled by the attacker. This irritates their mouth, eyes, and lungs, causing them to cease being a threat and allowing you to get away safely. To see exactly how pepperballs work with pepperball pistols, take a look at our helpful (and funny) YouTube videos below:

Testing Home Defense Pepperballs Part 1

Testing Home Defense Pepperballs Part 2

PepperBall Live SD Projectiles - 10 Rounds

The PepperBall Live SD Rounds offer a reliable personal and home defense solution, whether you require direct impact or area saturation. Each pack contains 10 projectiles, designed for use with any 68 caliber paintball marker. The secure and completely leak-proof packaging ensures no leaks or damage to the pepperballs. Every projectile is infused with 2.0% PAVA for optimal effectiveness, and they are ultrasonically welded for durability.

Duke Pepper Balls

Duke pepper balls have earned global trust for their effectiveness in less-than-lethal defense, riot control, correctional compliance, and asset protection. They are manufactured to meet precise specifications. By irritating the assailant's sensory system, the capsaicin powder within the projectiles can incapacitate an attacker for up to 20 minutes.

Duke's Irritant Projectiles are .68 caliber projectiles that contain a potent active compound, making them some of the most powerful irritant projectiles available. This powder effectively covers the eyes, nose, and mouth, rendering assailants incapacitated for a minimum of 15 minutes. Furthermore, our range of projectiles is compatible with all .68 caliber launchers. These pepperballs come in Duke Standard Irritant, Duke Plus Irritant, and Duke Extreme Irritant.

T4E Rubber Balls

T4E Rubber Balls come in .68 rubber balls and .43 rubber balls and are perfect for compliance and deterrence by inflicting significant pain without being lethal rounds. These rubber balls are made to be reused after using them for target practice. Simply wash them off and dry them and they’re ready to be fired again.