Gilets de paintball

Paintball Vests

While not required to play paintball, vests are an excellent way to carry additional equipment like pods and air tanks as well as to add an additional layer of protection. These vests come in different styles for different styles of play, however most players use these vests in woodsball games and other tournament-style modes of play.

Valken Bravo Tactical Padded Vest

The Valken Bravo Padded Paintball Vest is a tactical and protective gear piece, combining the features of a paintball vest and chest protector. It enables players to carry up to four 100 or 140-round paintball pods, along with accessories such as tactical snacks or a barrel cover in a secure pocket. The vest is available in camouflage or black, and is adjustable, padded for comfort, and easy to clean. It's an affordable solution for players seeking both protection and a way to carry their gear.

For a full review of the Valken Bravo tactical vest, take a look at our helpful YouTube video review below:

Gen X Global Deluxe Tactical Vest

The Gen X Global Deluxe Tactical Paintball Vest is a highly functional and valuable addition to a tactical paintball loadout. Designed for serious players, it offers ample storage capacity to carry essential equipment onto the field. The vest can accommodate pods, a 68 cubic inch bottle, a hydration unit, a radio, and even additional paintball pods. This versatility ensures that players are fully equipped to engage in intense paintball battles and complete missions with confidence and efficiency.

Tippmann Pro Vest

The Tippmann Pro Vest is a new, high-performance paintball vest featuring a breathable, lightweight nylon webbed mesh with Tippmann’s unique digi camo pattern. It includes an Integrated Body Wrap Belt and four rigid pod sleeves with strong pull tabs on the back, plus two expandable pod sleeves for carrying up to six 140-round pods. The vest offers various front pockets for maps, communication devices, ID, CO2 cartridges, and magazines. It also has a horizontal tank storage pouch for using a remote line, enhancing the realism of play.

Tippmann Sport Vest

The Tippmann Sport Vest, featuring Tippmann's proprietary digi camo and breathable lightweight nylon mesh, offers high performance for paintball players. It includes an Integrated Body Wrap Belt with a non-slip back panel, and four pod sleeves on the rear equipped with durable composite pull tabs. The vest also has a vertical tank storage pouch for using a remote line. It also features two detachable front pockets for map and communication storage. Additionally, the vest is equipped with a drag handle and a removable panel for customizing with a name. The Sport Vest is designed to be one size fits all, catering to a wide range of players.

For a full review of the Tippmann Pro and Tippmann Sport vests, take a look at our helpful YouTube video below:

Valken Crossdraw Adult Tactical Vest

The Valken Crossdraw Adult Vest is designed for paintball and airsoft, offering a range of features suitable for adult players. It includes numerous pouches and an adjustable waist belt with pistol magazine pouches. The vest features four double rifle magazine pouches, a variable angle placement cross-draw pistol holster, and a built-in hydration pouch. Additionally, it comes with a triple pistol magazine pouch and an admin pouch with elastic shell loops.