Accessoires pour harnais et pods de paintball

Paintball Harness & Pod Accessories

Pods and harnesses are important pieces of equipment to avoid running out of paint in the middle of a paintball match. Grabbing a few accessories to help keep your pods clean and working well and generally just make the game run a little more smoothly. Take a look at Lone Wolf Paintball’s selection of paintball harness and pod accessories.

How to put on a Paintball Pod Pack / Harness Correctly

Pod Swabs

Pod swabs help keep your pods clean and eliminate unwanted debris finding its way into your paintball marker. 

Exalt Pod Swab

The Exalt Pod Swab features durable, injection-molded components and a synthetic microfiber-blend sleeve. This replaceable sleeve cleans any paintball pod efficiently, including complex parts like LockLid dimples. It's attached to a strong, reinforced polymer shaft, ensuring longevity and resistance to breaking. For convenience, it includes an integrated loop and a laser-engraved carabiner for easy carrying and storage.

HK Army Mist Pod Swab

The HK Army Mist Pod Swab is a dual-purpose paintball tool, designed for cleaning pods and offering a built-in misting spray cap. This cap is useful for cleaning masks or cooling down between games. It has a removable microfiber swab for easy maintenance and a durable construction. The tool also features a carabiner clip for easy carrying, making it a convenient accessory for paintball players.

Belt Extenders

Belt extenders are a great option for players who have a bit more waistline to cover. 

HK Army Harness Belt Extender

The HK Army Harness Belt Extender adds 20 inches to paintball harness belts for larger-bodied players. It easily attaches with Velcro to most belt systems and features HK Army rubber detailing. The extender has fuzzy Velcro on the front and hooking Velcro on the back.

Exalt Belt Extender

The Exalt Harness Belt Extender is designed to add extra length to any paintball harness with a Velcro belt, offering options of either 12 or 24 inches for additional size accommodation.


Pod bags are a great way to keep pods clean, protected, and organized between games and while in transport. Each bag can fit several different pods and helps keep them clean and safe.

Infamous Pro DNA Pod Bag / Changing Station

This bag is multi-purpose; many players use it to store a variety of different items and it can be used to transport and separate dirty clothes. One of the best features is that it is big enough to actually be used as a changing space to give you some privacy on the field. We highly recommend having one of these bags because of the variety of different uses that players can get from them.

Exalt Multipurpose Microfiber Bag

The Exalt Multipurpose Microfiber Bag, crafted from ultra-plush, high-pile microfiber, features a simple top zipper enclosure. Its reversible construction allows use of both the inside and outside for absorbing oil and moisture from leaky or broken paintballs, helping to restore and improve accuracy. Key features include its ability to absorb paint and moisture, a thick and dense construction for impact absorption and lens protection, and a design that doubles the surface area for cleaning paintballs. It also includes a custom zipper pull, woven tag, and measures 15 x 16 inches.