Inserts pour canons de paintball

Paintball Barrel Inserts

Barrel inserts are crucial for optimizing paintball performance in varying weather conditions. These inserts are designed to fit inside the paintball gun's barrel, matching the bore size precisely with the paintball's diameter. Normally, paintballs are .67 inches in diameter, but this size can change due to ambient temperature, leading to expansion or shrinkage. When a paintball shrinks, extra air escapes around it inside the barrel, reducing the efficiency of the shot. By using barrel inserts, the space between the paintball and the barrel's inner bore is minimized, ensuring a tighter fit. This results in improved velocity, range, and overall shooting efficiency of the paintball gun.

For more information on how to choose the right barrel inserts for your paintball marker, take a look at our YouTube video guide below:

How to Choose a Barrel Back or Barrel Insert

Freak XL Aluminum Barrel Insert

Crafted from high-quality aluminum, the Freak XL Aluminum Barrel Insert is engineered to enhance your paintball gun's performance in any weather condition. The Freak XL Insert is designed to perfectly match the diameter of standard .67 inch paintballs, ensuring a snug fit even when ambient temperatures cause the balls to expand or shrink. Lightweight yet durable, this insert is an essential upgrade for any serious paintball enthusiast looking to gain a competitive edge. For the full kit with all of the inserts, check out the Freak XL Boremaster Insert Kit.

Planet Eclipse Shaft S63 PWR Barrel Insert

The Planet Eclipse Shaft S63 PWR Barrel Inserts are compatible with the all-new Planet Eclipse Shaft S63 Modular Barrel System. These inserts come in .677, .681, .685, .689, and .693

Carbon PWR Barrel Insert

The Carbon PWR Barrel Inserts are compatible with the all new Carbon IC PWR Barrel and the Planet Eclipse Shaft S63 Modular Barrel System. It comes in .679, .681, .683, .685, .689, and .691. For an in depth review of the Carbon PWR insert set, take a look at our helpful YouTube video below:

Planet Eclipse Shaft FL Insert

The Planet Eclipse Shaft FL Insert system offers a range of internal bore sizes to suit different preferences and conditions. Its back component is notable for its integrated rubber composite grip, providing an outstanding tactile experience and a unique look. The system features a combination of aluminum and rubber materials, and the barrel is micro-honed for superior performance. 

Dye UL-I Barrel Insert

The Dye UL-I Barrel Insert revolutionizes paintball gameplay by allowing players to swap bore inserts to match varying paintball sizes accurately, enhancing both performance and efficiency. Crafted with DYE's superior quality materials, meticulous honing, polishing, and precise tolerances, this system goes beyond a typical insert barrel system. It incorporates all the reliable and proven features unique to DYE barrels, including superior honing, exceptional finish, and enhanced accuracy. This system represents a significant advancement in paintball barrel technology.

HK Army LAZR Bore Insert

The HK Army LAZR Bore Inserts are designed for both precision and style, offering unmatched performance in the field. They are created with a focus on accurate barrel bore-honing, which ensures uniform diameter, quieter shots, and a smooth interior finish. Each bore insert is specifically tailored to provide the exact bore size required for optimal gameplay, making them an ideal choice for players seeking precision and efficiency in their equipment.