Balles de paintball tactiques de calibre .43

.43 Tactical Paintballs

.43 are a new arrival on the paintball scene but are quickly gaining prominence as milsim events and milsim markers become more popular. These smaller paintballs are made to fit into paintball markers like paintball pistols that look like real firearms. These smaller paintballs drastically reduce the amount of space that normal .68 paintballs occupy and allow them to fit into smaller, more traditional-looking platforms such as the T4E Glock 17 .43 Pistol. This is exciting to many players since it makes the game more realistic and more closely simulates an actual combat situation. In fact, the difference between .68 and .43 is so great that new .43 paintball events are popping up. Get ready for the new wave of paintball by stocking up on your .43 tactical paintballs with Lone Wolf Paintball!

T4E Paintballs .43 Caliber

The T4E .43 paintballs are specially designed for T4E training pistols and rifles. These paintballs ensure effortless cleanup and are tailored for Training 4 Engagement platforms extensively utilized by law enforcement agencies, allowing for cost-effective and efficient training sessions.

T4E Rubber Balls .43 Caliber

Enhance the performance of your .43 caliber marker with T4E .43 rubber ball ammunition. Specifically designed for use in .43 caliber markers, T4E rubber ammo is not only optimized but also reusable. After use, simply rinse off any dirt or dust, ensure thorough drying, and conduct a damage inspection for continued reusability.

T4E Powder Ball .43 Caliber

Designed specifically for the T4E training platform, the T4E .43 powder balls offer reliable consistency and accuracy. These projectiles maintain their trajectory and shatter upon impact, leaving a distinct dust mark on the target. Filled with inert powder, they are the ideal and logical choice for training purposes.