Pods de paintball

Paintball Pods

Paintball pods are containers used to carry extra paintballs on the field. Typically holding about 140 paintballs, they are designed to complement hoppers, which usually have a 200-paintball capacity. This smaller capacity of pods allows players to reload before completely running out of ammo. Pods also come in 50- and 100-round sizes and usually feature a spring-loaded lid for easier reloading during games.

Carbon Thermatech Pod

The Carbon Thermatech Pod boasts an innovative EVA foam layer, which provides excellent moisture-wicking properties and unparalleled protection for paintballs. The exterior features a non-slip, rough texture, guaranteeing a secure grip during intense gameplay. The lid is equally impressive, lined with moisture-wicking EVA foam, enhancing overall protection and usability. A key feature of this pod is its heat-sensitive plastic construction, which visually indicates when temperatures reach levels that might affect paintball accuracy and breakability.

Gen X Global 140 Round Pod

The Gen X Global 140 Round Pod is highly esteemed in the paintball industry as the best all-around pod. It features an integrated positive locking flip-top lid and can hold 140 paintballs. Designed to fit any standard-size paintball harness, it is built from high-impact resilient material for durability. Additionally, this pod is made in the USA.

Dye 160 Round Alpha Pod

The DYE Alpha Pod is an excellent choice for carrying paintballs, with a capacity of 150 balls. It features a solid construction without a collar, an ergonomically designed exterior for better grip and functionality, and a locking tab for harness string to ensure secure transportation. The pod is made from durable Polypropylene material.

Virtue PF165 Round Pod

The Virtue PF165 Pod is innovatively designed for easy and secure reloads while minimizing accidental paint spills. It stands out from standard pods by offering a consistent diameter instead of a tapered one, which allows for either increased capacity or smaller sizes. The PF165, similar in size to a regular pod, impressively holds 20% more paint. This pod features an intuitive Press or “Press Flick” unlocking mechanism and a locking lid that significantly reduces paint spillage. Despite its standard size, comparable to a 135-round pod, it boasts a 165-round capacity. This increased capacity enables players to carry more paint or fewer pods in the same size harness, making it ideal for high-capacity loaders. Additionally, the pod has a larger, more durable hinge and pin, enhancing its longevity. 

HK Army 150 Round HSTL Pod

The HK Army 150 Round HSTL Pods set includes six high-capacity pods, each capable of holding 150 rounds. These pods are designed with an advanced spring-loaded lid, an enlarged thumb groove, and a contoured lid for ease of use. They allow players to carry larger loads of paintballs without the need for extra pods and are compatible with all paintball harnesses.