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Paintball Gauges

Paintball air gauges play a crucial role in the sport, primarily by monitoring the pressure of the air tank connected to a paintball marker. This function is essential for determining the amount of air remaining in the tank, which is usually filled with either compressed air or CO2, and maintaining the correct pressure is vital for the marker's consistent performance. Additionally, monitoring pressure is a key safety measure, as overfilled tanks can be hazardous. By using the gauge, players can ensure that tank pressure remains within safe limits, thereby preventing accidents. The gauge also aids in achieving optimal performance, as different markers may require different pressures for better accuracy, range, and reliability.

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Ninja Mini Tank Gauge

The Ninja Mini Tank Gauge is a versatile accessory designed to work with all types of paintball air tanks. It features a compact and robust design, including a Micro 6,000 PSI Gauge for precise pressure monitoring, housed in durable aluminum. It is equipped with 1/8" NPT Male Threads, making it universally compatible and easy to install on various paintball air tanks. This gauge is particularly notable for its ability to withstand the rigors of paintball play while providing accurate pressure readings.

Powerhouse Tank Gauge

The Powerhouse Tank Gauge is a replacement accessory characterized by its ultra-lightweight design and high accuracy, making it a valuable addition to paintball tanks. This small footprint diameter gauge is specifically designed for ease of installation. It features a Powerhouse Gauge Face and a 19mm Hex 0-6000psi 1/8-27 NPT Male Thread, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of tanks. The gauge is not only lightweight but also extremely precise in measuring up to 6000 psi. Its compact size is complemented by a durable black aluminum case, enhancing its longevity and reliability in the demanding environment of paintball.