Harnais de paintball

Harnais Carbone SC
Harnais Carbone SC

$99.96 $124.95

Harnais CC en Carbone
Harnais CC en Carbone

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HK Army Zero-G Lite Harness


  • Grey
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Lime
  • +1
HK Army ELX Strapless Harness


  • Black - Shadow
Bunkerkings Fly2 Pack w/ 8 ESC Pods


  • Acid Skull
  • Black Skull
  • Jungle Skull
  • Purple Skull
  • +3

Paintball Harnesses

A paintball harness is an essential accessory for paintball players, designed to facilitate quick reloading during gameplay. It primarily functions to hold pod packs, which contain extra paintball ammunition. These harnesses vary in type, catering to different needs based on the number of paintballs required, the style of the game, and the need to carry other gameplay accessories.

Most paintball harnesses are designed to attach around the midsection or waist, ensuring easy and quick access to ammunition. They are also known by other names like paintball packs, pod packs, or ball haulers. Besides holding paintballs, some harnesses come equipped with additional loops or pouches, allowing players to carry other essential accessories.

HK Army Eject Harness

The HK Army Eject Harness is a highly-regarded paintball accessory, designed to meet the essential needs of players, including comfort, lightweight design, superior back support, stability during movement, and easy access to pods. Esteemed by top players in the field, it stands out for its exceptional quality and functionality.

Key features of the Eject Harness include its use of durable yet lightweight materials, enhancing the player's experience during the game. It boasts a padded neoprene back support with anti-slip properties, a high-tension 4-way elastic strap system for efficient pod ejection, robust velcro for secure fitting, high-density sublimated panels for durability, and a two-way adjustable waistband for a customizable fit. These features collectively make the HK Army Eject Harness a top choice for serious paintball players.

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JT FX Pro Harness

The JT FX Pro Paintball Harness is designed for efficiency and convenience in paintball gameplay. It ensures that pod lids stay secure during movement and features ultra-elasticated pod holders for easy access to pods. Capable of holding up to 11 pods, it significantly reduces the likelihood of running out of paintballs during a game.

Key features of this harness include its ultralight construction, making it easy to wear without adding significant weight. The harness is equipped with ultra-ejection straps on the pod holders for quick pod retrieval. For added comfort, it has foam-cushioned support on the back and lateral panels. Additionally, it includes a TPR easy-pull fasten and release tab, simplifying the process of securing and accessing the pods. This combination of features makes the JT FX Pro Paintball Harness a practical choice for paintball players who prioritize both capacity and comfort.

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Carbon SC Harness

The Carbon SC Harness is an ideal choice for paintball enthusiasts seeking a sub-compact pod pack. Its design focuses on a low-profile, body-hugging fit, differing from traditional harnesses in its snugness. The minimalist design removes any unnecessary material, contributing to its ultra-lightweight nature. It is adaptable to athletes of various sizes due to its variable sizing. The harness is made from top-tier, wear-resistant materials, ensuring durability while maintaining a close fit to the player's body. Additionally, it features a ventilated, silicone-coated belt and brake pad, designed to prevent any unwanted movement during gameplay.

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Carbon CC Harness

The Carbon CC Harness represents a significant advancement in paintball gear, being the first of its kind to offer a subcompact, streamlined rear profile. It is notably 50% thinner than traditional harnesses, emphasizing a minimalist design that reduces excess material while maximizing comfort. This harness is distinguished for its exceptional lumbar support, making it comfortable enough to be worn throughout the day.

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