Chronographes de paintball

Paintball Chronographs

Paintball chronographs measure the velocity of a paintball in feet per second (FPS) and help to keep players safe by making sure that the velocity of all players’ guns is within a safe range. Most fields limit their FPS to around 350 to minimize the likelihood of injuries on the field. While some players bristle at this, velocities much faster than 350fps usually start to cause higher-than-average ball-breaking. Using a paintball chronograph (chrono) not only keeps the field safe, it also ensures that your paintballs will experience minimal breakage in your barrel.

X-Radar Deluxe Handheld Paintball Chronograph

The X-Radar Deluxe Handheld Paintball Chronograph is a user-friendly device designed to ensure safe play in paintball by measuring the velocity and rate of fire of paintball guns. It is simple to operate: rest the barrel on the rubber pad, press the red button, and pull the trigger, with automatic updates of readings after each shot. Key features include velocity measurement in FPS (feet per second) within a range of 150 to 399 FPS, rate of fire measurement in BPS (balls per second), a full 3-digit display for easy reading, and standard 9-volt battery power. Known for its accuracy, reliability, and affordability, this chronograph is a cost-effective tool for paintball players.

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Virtue Clock 66 Paintball Chronograph

The Virtue Clock 66 is an advanced paintball chronograph representing a significant upgrade in reliability and performance, setting the industry standard for over a decade. It is highly dependable for fields, leagues, teams, and individual players, providing fast and accurate readings of velocity (FPS), rate of fire (BPS), and key performance data like peak BPS/FPS, average FPS, and the standard deviation of a string to assess the consistency of a marker/paint setup. A notable feature is its ability to broadcast detailed shot consistency readings over Bluetooth to most mobile devices using the Virtue Paintball + App, compatible with both Apple and Android.

For a full review of the Virtue Clock 66 Chronograph, take a look at our comprehensive YouTube video review below:

Virtue Clock III Paintball Chronograph

The Virtue Clock III Paintball Chronograph is a handheld device revolutionizing paintball metrics like FPS and BPS. It features Bluetooth for wireless data transmission, enhanced electronics for improved durability and battery life, and an accurate radar antenna for precise measurements. Its efficient LCD screen excels in various lighting conditions. The device offers wireless updates, improved moisture resistance, a robust battery harness, and stores shooting data. With options for game timing and velocity consistency, the Clock III is crafted from heavy-duty materials and designed for practicality and ease of use, catering to the needs of paintball enthusiasts.