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Paintball Goggle Cases

Paintball goggles take a beating during regular gameplay, so why let them take additional abuse when carting them around in your gear bag? While the goggle frames are relatively resistant to damage, they can still be damaged when excessive weight is placed on them such as during air travel. Paintball goggle lenses can also be easily scratched and damaged when not stored correctly which can diminish your visibility or break the anti-fog film applied, causing them to fog up. We highly recommend paintball goggle cases to help keep your goggles safe and your lenses scratch-free. Investing in a relatively inexpensive case is much easier than buying a replacement for your paintball goggles.

Paintball Goggle Cases

Paintball goggle cases in most instances are universal, meaning that you can fit different brands of goggles into goggle cases made by different manufacturers. 

The Exo Goggle Case is a unique hardshell case designed for full protection of both paintball goggles and spare lenses. It ensures that your goggles and lenses stay safe from scratches and damage, especially when stored in a gear bag. This case is compatible with all paintball goggle systems.

The V3 Exalt Goggle Case is a lightweight, ultra-strong protective case for most goggles, featuring an alloy steel frame to prevent crushing and deformation. Its plush microfiber lining guards against lens damage, while the water and stain-resistant exterior maintains a rigid shape. The case has a mesh back for air circulation, preventing mold and bacteria in the goggle foam. A redesigned, larger storage pocket inside the case accommodates bigger phones and valuables. This version is larger to fully cover bigger goggles like the i5 and EVS and includes a reinforced handle for easy carrying.

Lens Cases

Lens cases are an excellent option for storing and carrying additional replacement lenses. These cases will not accommodate an entire paintball goggle system. However, they are a great option for keeping additional lenses safe in your gear bag

The Exalt Universal Lens Case V3 accommodates larger lenses, such as the EVS, effortlessly due to its redesigned housing. Additionally, the V3 lens case features a robust metal alloy internal structure, similar to the V3 goggle case, to prevent crushing and deformation. The microfiber divider system has been upgraded with hook fabric tabs for secure attachment to the case's interior, and it includes a reinforced carry handle for added durability.

Case Combos

Case combos get you the best of all worlds with additional protection for goggles, loaders, and tanks. The HK Army Utility Exo Case Combo comes with the Exo Goggle case as well as additional cases for your loader and your air tank. The Exalt Loaded Case Combo is another great option which comes with the V3 Exalt Goggle cases and two other cases for your loader and air tank. 

Paintball Goggle Bags

Paintball goggle bags are not as protective as paintball goggle cases. However, they are still better than nothing. The Bunkerkings Supreme Goggle Bag offers a reasonable amount of protection for your paintball goggles and is lined with microfiber material to keep your goggles safe and scratch-free.