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Paintball Long Sleeves

Paintball long sleeve shirts are great to use over your protective gear to help keep it clean. These shirts, made by HK Army and in collaboration with HK Army, are of the highest quality moisture-wicking material and will last for hundreds of rounds of paintball. HK Dry Fit shirts represent the forefront of paintball performance gear, thanks to cutting-edge fabric technology. Crafted entirely from ultra-lightweight microfiber polyester mesh that wicks away moisture, these shirts serve as a cooling undershirt for paintball enthusiasts or as a lightweight and cooling option for casual wear.

HK Army Long Sleeve Dry Fit Jersey - Lone Wolf

HK Army Long Sleeve Dry Fit shirts are at the forefront of paintball performance gear, featuring high-tech fabric made from ultra-lightweight, moisture-wicking microfiber polyester mesh. These versatile shirts can be worn as cooling undershirts for paintball players or as lightweight and refreshing casual wear.These shirts were made in collaboration with HK Army and feature Lone Wolf Paintball logos printed onto the high-quality HK Army fabric.
To learn more about our collaboration with HK as well as to see additional HK / Lone Wolf products available, take a look at our YouTube video below:

HK Army Long Sleeve Dry Fit Jersey - Gang Gang Ronnie Dizon

Introducing the Limited Edition Ronnie Dizon Gang Gang Long Sleeve Jersey—a unique opportunity to own a piece of Houston Heat history through this exclusive Ronnie Dizon Practice Jersey. 

HK Army Long Sleeve Dry Fit Jersey - THARM_T1

The THARM_T1 Dry Fit Jersey is a design crafted by the renowned Tyler Harmon, a multiple-time pro champion with victories for both Houston Heat and Dynasty. Get yours today!