Écouvillons pour barils de paintball

Paintball Barrel Swabs

Paintball barrel swabs (or barrel maids) are the tool you hope you never have to use but are glad to have on hand when a ball breaks in your barrel. These clever little swabs have a “fluffy” end that’s attached to a narrow stick or pole so that you can effectively clear ball breakages and debris.

Exalt Barrel Maid

The Exalt Barrel Maid is a highly durable and effective barrel cleaning tool for paintball. It features a non-unraveling, washable Barrel Buffer for efficient cleaning and a unique Rocket Disk seal that adjusts during use to prevent paint ingress and ensure thorough cleaning. Constructed from tough, flexible plastic, the tool's Molded Shaft adds to its durability. Moreover, all parts are interchangeable and replaceable, enhancing its long-term usability and practicality.

To see how the Exalt Barrel Maid works compared to the HK Army Blade Barrel Swab, take a look at our YouTube performance review below:

HK Army Strike Barrel Swab

The new HK Army Strike barrel swab is designed for efficient paintball barrel cleaning, featuring a dual-sided absorbent and fuzzy material. This material not only cleans but also polishes the barrel both when inserted and pulled through. A key feature of this swab is its molded Center Flex Joint, which automatically activates the swab into a ready position when it's removed from the pocket. This design ensures that the swab sticks remain firmly connected and will not come apart inside the barrel during cleaning, offering a robust and secure cleaning experience.

HK Army Blade 2.0 Barrel Swab

The HK Army Blade 2.0 Barrel Swab features a patented spring-activated Blade design for effective barrel cleaning. This unique feature enables the Blade to smoothly enter the barrel and then activate on withdrawal, removing paint residue and debris efficiently. The swab's Center Flex Joint, equipped with locking screws, ensures it's always ready for use and stays intact during cleaning. Additionally, the swab's dual-sided absorbent material cleans and polishes the barrel during both insertion and withdrawal, enhancing its overall cleaning capability.

Exalt Supreme Barrel Swab

The updated Exalt Supreme Barrel Swab features a double-sided, ultra-absorbent natural sheepskin Barrel Buffer, ensuring efficient cleaning and barrel polishing in one go. Its nearly unbreakable design includes an ultra-strong, bendable polymer shaft. The squeegee's modular structure allows for easy customization, enabling users to switch between dual swabs or rocket-disks according to their preference. This design combines durability with practicality, making it a reliable tool for paintball maintenance.

Players Want to Know

Frequently asked questions by paintballers…

What is a barrel squeegee?

A paintball barrel squeegee is a cleaning tool used to remove residue from the inside of a paintball gun's barrel. This residue, often from broken paintballs, can affect the gun's performance and accuracy. The squeegee typically features a long, flexible rod with cleaning materials like rubber, foam, or cloth attached. It is designed to wipe the barrel clean as it is pushed or pulled through. Essential for paintball gun maintenance, the squeegee ensures the gun remains accurate and reliable during gameplay.